Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Now all my Christmas samples are made I have started to work out prices.
The first step of that process for me is making items in batches.
The first batch I did was the robots I posted yesterday and now I have a few Fir Trees too :-)
I wish there was a secret formulae to help with working out prices! (is there? is it really a secret and I don't know what it is??)
I've worked in retail for ...ooohhh how long.....9 years ....and pricing has always seemed like educated guess work! I've only really worked at independent shops where I have had an input and (sometimes) control over prices charged. It's good fun to do and a luxury to be able to see people's reactions and to learn if you've got it right or not!
In the shops we would have a cost price as a basis for our educated guess work and that is why I make in batches...it gives me the chance to work out the cost of materials used and an idea of the time it takes too. I then 'guess' the prices to charge based on that!
I have a lot of batches on my to do list so expect lots of pics from me this week!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with pricing! The fir trees look super cute.

Holly said...

So cute! I love that the trees are so many colours >__<

Kitty said...

No more batches as big as those cup cakes though, eh? :-D x

Unknown said...

hi, you have won a brilliant blog award. pop over to my blog. right click on award and save to your blog with the instructions. well done,

Me and Him said...

It's hard isn't it? I work in retail right now and setting prices is one of the things I least like.

Good luck

Jess said...

i just took a small business management class this past semester and one of the things they taught us was don't aim for 100% profit, but start with lower prices to generate sells. sells volume with the return of clientèle will generate more profit in the long run :)