Thursday, May 10, 2007

random Thursday

This week is flying by! I have done lots of pottering jobs (of the sewing variety) but nothing much to share here!!
I received a parcel from my friend and finally got around to taking photos to show you all how generous she is :-) Look what I got:

Gorgeous card making and scrapbooking goodies
A lovely rubber stamp, trillions of sequins, embroidery floss and LOOK AT THE BUTTON, it's got ants on :-)
Super bright papers that make me happy just to look at them

and last but not least some fun cotton 2 shades of pink netting and some stretchy scrunchy blue and white fabric (John says it looks like boob tube fabric...boys!!!)
All my loveliness is piled on my craft table, waiting to tell me what it would like to become......
I have SO MANY things I want to crack on with at the moment but I seem to have caught the instead-of-doing-important-things-tidy-up-instead-bug !!!
My sewing 'area' is a mess. So much so I can no longer find stuff easily so, of course, rather than just tidy up I NEED, NEED to make 8 fabric boxes to hold all my things !
Here are some of the pieces tacked together:
And here they are (Neat and tidy, it's working already !!) ready to be sewn together
I have finished 3 now but no photos yet, I want to wait until it's all done and then I can do before and after shots of the BIG mess / super tidy sewing area :-)
I also have another pack of goodies that were sent to me to show you, and an owl I made and some new supplies I bought....I'm slowly catching up. Tomorrow I am off to the post office so everyone who won a freebie can expect their package soon :-)
That's all for now xxx

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Ali said...

I love that fabric with the lollipop trees. Can't wait to see your boxes!