Sunday, January 14, 2007

What lucky Girls Get For Christmas

My wonderful sisterini gave me these see through drawers for Christmas and looky how gorgeous my ribbon looks!! She also gave me some of the ribbon and some funky threads and buttons!! How lucky am I ??

Gorgeous Big J got me a sewing box, which I just love. This is a bad photo of it but you can get the idea, it has a lift up lid with loads of room inside for all sorts of gorgeous things and underneath is a drawer which i put scissors and useful things in. The ugly yellow baskets will be replaced with another couple of quilted fabric boxes when i have the time !

This was also from my Big J and I've never been so excited!! I have wanted this book for years but for some reason it is very hard to find and when it is found, very expensive. I wont ruin the story but I will say that the little girl gets to talk to her guinea pig, I wish I could have talked to my guinea pigs!! it is just wonderful!!

This shiny cupcake is from my niece, inside is a pad of paper and a pink pencil......does any one get the idea that I love cupcakes???

Also from my sister is this lovely make up bag ... how cool are the animals!!!
I am using it for craft instead of makeup because then I get to see it more often everyday!!
At the mo it has things I have made for ebay in it and some more things i will blog about another day!
So all in all I was very lucky at Christmas, don't you agree ??

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