Friday, January 19, 2007

Lurkers wanted....

Hi all.
Today is my day off from the day job. ( for regular readers, yes it is normally Thursday but this week, and this week only, day off day is Friday) and I challenge everyone to use the word day more times than me in one sentence!!
So what did I do with my morning off ??? well, I got delivered a cup of coffee by big J just before he left for work, stayed in bed and drank it and decided i needed a hair cut. So I cut it. My hair is big and very curly and about shoulder it is the same but shorter!! I keep wandering past the mirror to check it hasn't gone wrong but so far so good.....anyone else want a free haircut??? it must be easier to do on other people when you can actually see the back of their head!!

After the haircut I thought i'd check out the blogs on my favourite list. A quick half hour catch up and then on with the you can tell I am still on the computer and it is past noon!!

BUT it's not my fault!! A lot of the great blogs I read were talking about lurkers. I didn't know what they were talking about so I had to read on and and OH NO I am a lurker!! That is: one who reads and visits blogs often but without comment so that blogworld do not know of their existence. So i have come clean and admitted my lurker-ness.

So now I challenge you all out there to come clean. If you are a lurker, make a comment and introduce yourself and your blog ( if you have one ) and then I can have a list in my sidebar of the people who read my blog's blogs!!

I can't wait to meet you.... xxx


Ali said...

Hello, I am a relatively recent lurker! Love your felt creations - they make me smile.

Heidi said...

I'm another lurker. I enjoy your blog.

Celeste said...

Another lurker outing themselves.
I haunt lots of UK blogs, they stop me feeling so alone.

Jade said...

Hi, I'm delurking too. I found your blog via Curious Bird and I like it.