Monday, October 16, 2006

The shops are getting fuller

oooh another collage picture..............I like that button on picassa ;-)

So I have added to the ebay shop and the etsy shop....I'm slowly getting them to the levels I would like them to be.
I have a list with everything in the shops on it and beside the amount of stock that I have I have a figure of the amount I would like to have.....never ever have I managed it yet......but that is a good thing because I keep selling things :-)
Todays to do list is being ignored, I have a busy day ahead of me at work and this evening I'm going to relax and phone all the people I haven' t phoned in way too long. But then tomorrow I am going to start afresh and try to fill the shop up again...take care and if you are feeling hectic just ignore your todo list, it's made me feel so much better !!

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