Thursday, October 26, 2006

i'm so excited!

A few new cuties for the ebay shop!
Today I was contacted with the view of supplying some of my cuties in bulk....of course I said yes, then had the I am excited again! I had to go shopping for more felt (big J couldn't quite believe I needed more felt but I really did!!) and also for more buttons....I will post those pictures on Sunday...I only went to buy a few (yeah right) and I got my few and a few extra and then I spotted a big basket full of odd buttons sitting on the floor looking it is sitting on my fl0or looking very happy !!
Strange how I only have Thursday and Sunday off work and that the order came in today...a good omen that I think!!
OOOhhhh I'm so little cuties are going to be on sale in covent garden.....yippeee!
I forgot to ask if I could put a link here so I will do when I know.
(watch out Nia, world domination phase I is in progress!!)
Oh and a little message to my ebay buyers: the shop may get a little thin on the ground whilst i'm making my large order so if you need anything please just email me....i'm sure i'm due some holiday from my day job!!!!
And another message to my sisterini: hello! love you can't wait for the party :-)

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