Friday, August 11, 2006

proper thrifting !!

Look what I have got !!

My fantastic friend was walking through town and down a side alley he saw a pile of rubbish WITH THIS SEWING MACHINE IN IT !!!!

So he thought, I know someone who will love that, and carried it for ages AND it weighs loads!! What a lucky girl I am. BIG thank you great mate :-)

The machine is a singer from 1938 and after some polishing and tender care will be my new favourite machine...

This is the little compartment at the side.....what could be in it ???

oooh definately something in there !!

oh my goodness, loads of things.....

lots of different feet, a screwdriver, spare needles, old cotton and some vintage curtain tape

Yippee i'm sooooo happy

so now i've shared these with you i'm off to polish and hopefully sew, fingers crossed...

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