Thursday, August 17, 2006

i've been shopping......

Today I visited some charity shops (thrift stores for the overseas readers) and I got some gorgeous bobbly wool which is screaming hair to me....maybe a lion or something ? I also got some vintage trim, which is sooooo cute and the best find was the two piles of buttons. I wasnt so lucky to find the buttons ready colour sorted like this, i chose them from piles and piles of old buttons (boy are there some ugly buttons out there!!) It took about an hour to pick the buttons and the lovely lady who served me thought i was a bit weird for loving old buttons so much!!! ah well, it takes all sorts :-))))

I then went to another shop and bought this amazing two storey cake tin, I really want an enamel one and keep seeing them on ebay but they are always rusty and i dont like the idea of second hand rust in my cake!! weird i know!! but this one is plastic and has now been scrubbed and is gleaming (photo was pre wash!)

Then I went to a second hand book shop and bought two BRILLIANT books.The first is this one, i've taken two snap shots of the inside and would you look at the cuteness!!!!
little been bag bunniesand gorgeous felt-ness :-)

am not good at the moving of photos in blog so i will do another post to show the second book. YOU HAVE TO SEE IT !!!!

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