Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Rainbow Corner

Our Post-Christmas schedule always takes a bit of getting used to.
 Before the break days were full of all things Orders...printing them, writing the address labels, doing the loyalty cards, making them, picking them, packing them and posting them ... everything else got done in the evenings: ordering stock , Facebook, Blog, paperwork...generally treading water and only doing what HAD to be done, trust me, lots gets put off 'till later when it's busy, busy, busy!
Now we're all caught up from the sale it's time to adjust to the new schedule - which means we can fill the shelves (before the stock is needed!) and actually having time to plan and, most importantly, sew.
 Today Rainbow corner got filled up (by John, I helped for about 15 minutes)  and doesn't it look BRILLIANT :-)

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