Wednesday, December 16, 2015

a new home

We've moved house!
It's not the ideal time of year to do it, but we'd been looking for a while and when this lovely house came available we went to look and had to say yes!
Our one condition was we had to be in before Christmas (so we could relax properly whilst we're closed over Christmas) and we got the keys on Saturday - the last few days have been a blur of rapid-packing & moving from one house to another and last night we were finally in! It's definitely a lot easier to move within the same town than it is moving across 3 counties like we did last time!
We're living out of boxes right now but it won't take long to get it straight...and THEN, and only then, I can put up the Christmas tree!!
*the photo is from the estate agents website*

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Indigo Blue said...

I hope you both had a lovely first Christmas in your new home.