Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Fabric Corner

Our Pop-Up shop has been open for *nearly* 2 weeks - it's going well and I'm really pleased with it - John and I have been going in for a tidy round & fill-up every other day....we weren't sure what products would be a hit and so far I'm still not sure, but I have decided I need to change the displays around and group all the same kind of items together, rather than spread them round the small space.

This morning I put the finishing touches to Fabric Corner....I filled some hoops with some of my favourite fabrics and have displayed them in an old drawer that's propped up against the lovely stone wall. Then I added all my neatly folded fat quarters to the shelves and little drawers. Hopefully it will be easier for customers to see what's there and maybe get inspired to make something
The next display on my re-jig list is the Ribbon Section.....

Our pop-up shop is located within The Customs House at West Bay,  Dorset

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