Sunday, February 08, 2015


Sometimes I get stuck.  I work out an idea for a new product but don't know how to show it on the website, let alone work out all the technical, behind the scenes details.  And I get a headache and wake up at 4am night after night trying to get my brain to figure it all out....
 But today (well, last night!) I think I finally made a break through! 
Which means I can now introduce my new way to buy a craft kit:
Inspired By: Pink Roses. 
A hand picked selection of our products - The whole Craft Kit would cost £73.92 or £95.97 (depending on your choice of felt size: 12" squares or mini rolls) but I have split everything into groups/bundles so you can buy around your existing stash, or buy to a budget.
I really really enjoyed putting this together (once I'd sussed the hard, technical bits) so I hope you like it all as much as I do :-)
I even got to mix my own custom mix of buttons:
Inspired By.... craft packs can be found on the website HERE
and I have left lots of room to add more when the inspiration to create a new one next strikes me :-)

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Jessie May said...

It all looks so pretty :)