Sunday, October 26, 2014

a free hour!

lots of kit making means lots of bag making .... these are the bags that are in the mini snowman kit  -  they take quite sometime to do but they always look so jolly when they are finished :-)
and here's another photo of a lot of boxes on a pallet, containing LOTS of kits that we finished today - destined for John Lewis ....can you see the difference with our door???  John has draught proofed & insulated it to help keep us toasty warm this winter...just a coat of varnish needed it finish it off (and that'll be done when we next get 5 minutes to spare!)
what did you do with your free hour this morning??  I did the VAT of joys!!!....I left it a bit late this quarter ... you get 5 weeks from end of quarter to money due date to file it and pay....well it's now filed, payment due on 7th November ..... phew  - I don't like that hanging over me waiting to be done!

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