Wednesday, September 10, 2014

time has whizzed

over the weekend I put loads of new items for sale on the website & John and I have been manically busy ever's safe to say they have gone down a treat!
 I'm a bit slow mentioning it on here (I posted it on Facebook which is when it got super busy!) but if you have yet to see all that's fabulous and new it's not too late :-)
 Die Cuts have also been flying out the door - in a whole host of Christmas themed colours
 ...I'm having fun trying to guess what each pack will be made into :-)
if I get chance tomorrow I'll be back with Handmade Christmas Decoration Swap news :-)
quick links:
die cuts are here
what's new section is here


Kat Shenton said...

Hehehe just spotted my order! Awesome. Love the new Die Cuts. Saves so much time trying to find a good template and then relaying that to felt yourself. Such a happy customer. Keep up the fab work guys!

Louise B said...

Love the dis cuts, especially the numbers.