Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ikea Hack

 I love Ikea.  Nearly all the furniture in the barn is from Ikea.  But our great wall of Expedits was not quite right.  It worked as a room divider, it worked as double sided unit and I loved it because I *finally* had one cube per felt colour (that had been on my wish list for a VERY long time!)  but it wasted space.  lots of space. 
until we hacked it.
I say we...but it was was hard work and very repetitive but he perservered and look ::
isn't it FAB??  I totally LOVE it, even more so because John did it for me - thanks Dude :-)


Louise B said...

Love all the colour and the expedits are great storage, I have a few in my house.

Lucy Blossom said...

What a great IKEA hack - and still looks fabulous

krazy knit kerena said...

These units are great I have two of the older ones,had them ten years was thinking of putting extra shelves in, I might just do it now I've seen how it.looks would like the doors but I think mine are a slightly diferent size to the newer ones love what your doing with the barn :-)

monica said...

mi piace l organizzazione

Puffin said...

Love the world of Ikea hacking!I haven't got room for an Expedit in my sewing room but I've just "hacked" two Rast chests of drawers with paint and new knobs, and stood one on the other to make a tall chest for storing all my stock and other stuff.