Friday, April 04, 2014

plans that worked!

once we knew we had the barn and we were able to plan our move the hardest thing to sort out was the stock - I topped up on some stock items before we moved and others I left until we had was a balancing act between paying to move it all, and having time to order everything once we'd moved in .... we moved A LOT of felt with us, but we were really really low on some colours so an order was placed as soon as the computer was up and running (and I had found my colour codes...they were in a 'super safe place' which was temporarily packed away never to be found) ...and today it arrived - two and a half pallets full! 
and the very best bits?  we didn't run out of any colours AND we *ahem* ok, John, doesn't need to carry it all up two flights of stairs like he would have done in the old workshop :-)

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Jayne Schofield said...

ha ha....nice to see you are keeping John busy xx