Thursday, March 06, 2014


the office is a teeny bit more organised - Ikea are delivering on Saturday so I'm waiting till then to make this look lovely - but I've found all the useful things that I need immediately :-)
 The packing corner is ready for action::
 and all the ingredients for the kit bags have a new home (just ignore all the still-to-be-unpacked boxes!)
 I've started unpacking all the boxes of stock and it's starting to look a lot more colourful round here ::
 this is the last pile of unopened stock boxes, hopefully it will all be gone by 5pm today :-)
I've *nearly* got my Royal Mail collection sorted - it will be confirmed tomorrow and I *think* they will be coming at 4.30pm everyday, which is very similar to when they picked up in Worthing so nothing much will change re delivery times....they did think they would only be able to collect at 1pm but I *think* I have changed their minds!
BT have told us the work phone will be working on March 27th, and the house phone (and broadband) will be on next Thursday - which is all rather slow....
Tonight we are have a strictly NO unpacking evening - we're going to try and get the TV to work, light a fire and have a cosy evening in, with some yummy home cooked food - we've been having takeaways and sandwiches a bit too much recently!

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Linny said...

Amazing how much you have dona already. Are you living at the same place. It looks lovely there. Linda x