Thursday, April 04, 2013

and the winners are ::

Freebie Day :: Part One
The Prize :: Huge Jar of Buttons
we had 110 guesses and the guessed weights varied between 750g - 5600g
the jar and buttons actually weighed :: 3110g
and the Best guess was :: 3141g .... only 31g difference!
The Winner ::

oh blimey - numbers! will try 3141g thanks. nice to see some pics of you too!!Juliexoxo

Freebie Day :: Part Two
The Prize :: 10x Felt Packs (1 prize)
151 comments and random number generator picked ::
Winning Comment Number 68 ::  
Moni said...
Very generous of you, love to win pack of felt. Happy Easter! Hugs, Moni

Freebie Day :: Part Three
The Prize :: Flower Craft Packs (3 prizes)
117 comments and random number generator picked ::

Winning Comment Number 50 ::  
 Manu said...
I love your new craft packs!!!
I cross my fingers!!!
Winning Comment Number 113 :: 
  Jessie May said...
I am impressed by your cutting skills! I cut by hand and it's not always easy, especially teeny things. I love the colour combinations you've put together. Thanks for another chance to win.
Margaret at
Winning Comment Number 70 :: 
Anonymous said...
Lovely, just lovely.

Freebie Day :: Part Four
The Prize :: Ribbon Lucky Dip Bags (4 prizes)
49 comments and random number generator picked ::

Winning Comment Number  24 :: 
Silvia Galloni said...
Soooo beautiful!!!
Winning Comment Number  42 :: 
Emilie's Craft's said...
My ribbon stash is rather large but like buttons you can never have too many.
Winning Comment Number  29 ::  
Teasel said...
Another fantastic freebie!
Winning Comment Number  39 :: 
Harrysmum said...
Hope you've enjoyed your day off, thanks for another great give away!

Thanks to everyone who took part - It was fun!
If you are a winner (hooray!!)  please email  me your address (and the name on your comment) and I will start packing all the prizes :-)


Unknown said...

My congratulation!!!!! said...

Congrats to the lucky winners!!

Manu said...

Wow!!! Thank you Sarah!!! I'm so happy!!! =^__^=

Юлика said...

Lucky girls!

Jessie May said...

I'm jumping up and down with excitement! Thank you so much :)

Moni said...

Waw I am one of the winners, I just mailed you my address. Thank you so much. Hugs,moni

Giorgia Rossini said...

congrats to winners

Anonymous said...

Oh thank you soooooooo much!!!How excited am I?! Part of me thinks wouldn't it be nice to share with school and their little sewing club....the other part says - not a chance, they are mine!!! HeeHee!
thank you again - Juliexoxo

By Neymes said...


araleling said...

Congratulations to all the winners :D

azteclady said...

Congratulations to all the lucky winners--and thank you again for the generous giveaways.