Thursday, January 31, 2013

exciting button-y times

I have had a delivery of 49,500 buttons on my work table since Saturday.  They are new, and exciting but will be launched at the trade fair so they will have to remain hidden from view for the time being - BUT the delivery also contained new colour samples of teeny tinys, and they are all for you and me:
I only have a handful of each colour so they aren't in the shop yet - but I just ordered LOTS more so they will be in there as soon as possible!
mmmmm teeny tinys in even more lover-ly colours!


Little Dotty Bird said...

oooh so lovely! What a gorgeous rainbow collection!...I may need to get some!

Catherine Chronopoulou said...

Hi! So cute colors!
I have made some beautiful felt mobiles from the felt i have bought from paper and string.
Check it out here

Good luck with the trade fair!!