Monday, December 19, 2011

freebie winners

the random number machine has done it's duty and picked 6 numbers from the 230 comments ::
and the 6 winners are ::
comment # 19 :: sewmbie said...
That would be beyond amazing!elisehattersley (at) utopian-********** :)

comment # 64 :: said...
oh, thank you so much :)I hope to be lucky again ;)joyblonde at libero . itciao dall'Italia

comment # 114 :: I was just admiring those in John Lewis yesterdayI ! would love one of those from Santa! xxxelizabeth.l@**********

comment # 144 :: Anonymous said...
theyre soooo pretty! I hope I get one!xsarah.shiu@******.com

comment # 148 :: Oh!!! I love your kits. I am from spain, but I can wait until next year.Thanks for the chance!! And have a nice xmas.xoaninafeitoaman@*****.com

comment # 214 :: craftymummy said...
I love your work! I'd love the chance to win one of these kits :)

please can all the winners email me their address?
my email is mail [at] paper-and-string [dot] co [dot] uk

thanks to everyone for taking part, freebies are always good fun!


sewmbie said...

Oh my god, you must be kidding! That's amazing! I AM SO CHUFFED RIGHT NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh sooo sad! :(
well done to all the lucky winners-sure they will have great fun in making their kits!
Happy Crafty Chrimbo to all!

мамаДаника said...

богатый розыгрыш!
Поздравляю побидителей!

sew said...

:( from me too!

El blog de Celes :) said...

Congrats for all the lucky winners!

craftymummy said...

I can't believe I won! I've never won a giveaway before! Thank you so much xx

Xoanina said...
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xoaniña said...

I won!!!

Thanks for your freebie.
I can´t wait to make one of your kits!!

Love all!!


Giorgia Rossini said...

uh, I won again!!
lucky me :)
thank you so much, I sent the email

Giorgia Rossini said...

did you receive my mail?

Anonymous said...

eeek ive never won anything before! Will email you now and looking forward to receiving it.