Thursday, May 19, 2011

An ordinary day

Thank you all so much for your best wishes in my new venture....I've been asked if I can show you the kits but I don't think I can....they are exclusive to John Lewis so showing them too early may not go down very well!!
I've been busy chopping felt for the kits, and whilst I was in cutting mode I also cut a pile of boxes, all ready to be sewn together soon.


Anonymous said...

Understandable - will just have to wait until August then:(
I guess Southampton is the nearest John Lewis?will have to google map
it!Hope your hands haven't seized up yet with all the cutting - good luck!

Mariangela said...

With all my heart I wish you good luck!!!
It seems that you will be very busy in the next months, but I think this is absolutely fantastic!!!

Unknown said...

Many congratulations in your new adventure. I hope that when they are launched you will be able to show them on here, as I have no idea where my nearest store is!!