Saturday, April 02, 2011

what to make?

I always like to have some sewing ready to stitch...but I didn't know what I fancied making this I settled on a mixture..a few ice cream embellishments, some drawing pins, some monkey faces, some mushrooms and a few birds!


Stephanie said...

Everytime you post about what you are sewing I always wonder where you got your sewing tray from! It looks so handy and with no proper sewing station at my home I can see something like that been really useful!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

No wonder you couldn't decide, all the things you make are beautiful :-) I love the thread sorter below, I'm going to need something like that if I ever sort my spare bedroom into a sewing room!
Anne x

Las Cholas said...

if you don't know what to make.. what about me!!!!!! I'm lost now! haha!

Bye bye and good sunday!
La Chola.

Handmade with Love said...

You make such wonderful things! I received my parcel of felt and bits and pieces from you this week. Thanks very much, I can't wait to get started! Tracey x

quiltdude said...

decisions , decisions, I always thinks a variety is the way to go.
Many thanks for the swift delivery of my parcel, as always.
x Clare

SellWoWAccount said...

The designs you have there are quite interesting. I'll look forward to your next post on what you'll make with those.

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