Saturday, October 16, 2010

5 jobs at once

I think I'm very good at having lots of projects/jobs on the go at once....I think I became good at it by default because I do tend to get bored quite quickly (don't I Mum?) haha!
and for the last few days a lot of jobs all seem to be at the same stage ... the one where I'm super busy, doing loads, but not finishing anything at all!!

but today I turned the corner and finished 5 dozen kits
and I finished putting away my new American Crafts delivery...(I still need to photograph it all and do the website but that's for another day) I'm quite happy just to look at these shelves and imagine all the things I could make!

AND when I had the camera in my hand my seagull arrived and started his daily dance on my funny-turned-orange-years-ago skylight...can you see his feet? I've been trying to get a photo of that for weeks!


trash said...

Loving those feet!

huana said...

Great pic!

Indigo Blue said...

I love to see all of those full shelves! I live in Cornwall and have skylights in my classroom and seagulls often sit on there, tap dance or the one that gets the students going is when they bang large stones on the skylight. luckily it is thick plastic, but it makes a really loud noise!!

earthlyjewels said...

oh that's so cute! I love his little feet.