Wednesday, September 08, 2010

a brief catch up!

last Tuesday :: 2 bunches of flowers, 1 lunch with the Big Bosses, 1 evening dinner with the girls from the shop, 1 cry when I handed back my key for the shop door

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday :: 2 nights in Devon with my parents, 2 evening meals with family, 1 trip to the Hoe, 1 outing to Dartmoor wildlife park, 1 made-by-Mum chocolate cake eaten! (photo of Smeaton's Tower, Plymouth Hoe)

Friday, Saturday, Sunday :: 2 nights in West Bay, 1 posh hotel, 1 posh pub dinner, 1 walk on the beach, 2 cooked breakfasts, 1 Bridport Market, 2 Bus Trips, 1 Pub Band, 1 slightly tipsy walk from Bridport to West Bay
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday :: 1 classic car show, 1 drive round Bournemouth (didn't fancy staying there after all) 1 drive through the new forest hoping we'd find somewhere to stay before we got home!!, 3 No Vacancies, 1 Hurrah we found somewhere, 1 feeling of Luck because it was gorgeous! 2 full days of lounging, reading, strolling & eating
(picture of the hotel in The New Forest)

Tuesday :: 1 drive home through the countryside, 1 rain cloud emptied on us whilst shopping, 1 load of washing on, 2 suitcases emptied, 1 trip to the local to catch up on friend's news, 1 brilliant nights sleep in our own bed
Wednesday :: 2 hours sorting emails, 2 hours printing orders & stationery, 1 great big hello to my new fulltime work place! 5 swatch cards made, 4 big bags of parcels taken to the Post Office, 1 sausage casserole eaten (made by John)
I've managed to wrap, pack & post three quarters of orders...the rest will definitely be posted such the freebie offer still stands and I will close the comments once I'm all caught up! If you're waiting for an email they are next on my list after all the orders are done :-)

paper-and-string Full Time is off to a good start!


Jessie May said...

Sounds like you've had a lovely week! The photo of the hotel in the New Forest - is that just outside Brockenhurst? It looks just like somewhere we drove past on recent trip to New Forest and I thought what an amazing looking hotel! Enjoy your new full time job - Margaret

Susan said...

A busy week but a productive one by the sound of it.

frou-frou said...

Lots and lots of luck being a fully signed up self employed person, Fiona x

Anonymous said...

Congratulations...! Wishing you all the best in your 'new' job....


Anonymous said...

Ditto about the hotel in the N/F.....we were camping nearby! Glad you had such a fab time! Congratulations and welcome to "Paper & String" fulltime - enjoy!

Unknown said...

Busy week you've had there.

Good luck with Paper and String


Mandy said...

It's so wonderful to be able to do what you love full time from home! Just wanted to say thanks for my parcel which arrived safe and sound in South Africa. I was so excited to get it in the post 2 days before my birthday! What a lovely surprise. Will definitely order from you again.

Tracy said...

Glad you had the much needed breaks and lovely time! Congrats on taking Paper-and-String full time--hooray! Wishing you all the best. :o)

dawn machell said...

Love it!!

Good luck and enjoy the full-time-ness x

Unknown said...

Yay!! So glad you had a good time...and I cannot believe this new full time will feel like work - you will have a ball :D
L x

Scented Sweetpeas said...

phew i am worn out just reading that :-) Hope you have a fab time going full time on your business.

paper-and-string said...

thanks everyone for the best wishes...we had a very relaxing holiday, John and I don't often stop and do 'nothing' but we did it on this holiday!
Julie & Jessiemay...the hotel was in Burley (burley manor hotel) there is a similar one in Brockenhurst owned by the same people :-)
sarah x