Monday, December 21, 2009

opening hours

I've had a couple of emails asking if my shops will remain open over the Holiday period ... I'm not sure if they are from customers who want to do some post-Christmas shopping or from other shopkeepers testing the water, but either way I'm happy to share and here's my plan ::

My shops are definitely remaining OPEN over Christmas and the New Year BUT the amount of days I post parcels will be reduced.

21st, 22nd, 23rd :: Posting
24th - 29th :: NOT posting
30th, 31st :: Posting
1st-3rd :: NOT posting
4th :: back to normal and posting every day :-)

**I've added some photos of my Christmas Tree and my wrapping supplies because blogs without pictures aren't so much fun!**


Closet Writer said...

In amongst all that working dont forget to chill a bit and have some fun!!

Karin said...

Happy Holidays!!

S said...

I'm keeping my Folksy shop open. I'm hardly rushed off my feet with sales so I don't want to miss any! Happy Christmas xxx

jeane said...

hi, dropping by to say merry christmas!!! have fun!!

Pomona said...

Have a very happy Christmas!

Pomona x