Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christmas Tutorial

I tried to think of something know, a quick & easy craft for Christmas.
But in fact this tutorial is time consuming.
And addictive.
Please consider yourselves warned!!

as a few of you guessed, this tutorial is for Felt Chains!
based on the all-time-favourite ... paper chains ... but these are Mini Felt Chains!
hand stitched from felt!

in which ever colours you like :-)

my first chains were red & easy two colour chain.
the pattern piece was cut by eye and I just measured it and it is 1" wide and 12cm long (a truly continental pattern!)
cut out as many pieces as you need (my red and white chain has 25 loops)

fold a piece of felt in half and start to sew a blanket stitch...I like my knot to be on the inside so it can't be seen.
blanket stitch along the edge (ignoring the fact that I need a manicure!)
at the end, turn it around and blanket stitch the folded edge too

now you are ready to make some loops

overlap the ends by 1cm and carry on stitching around the edges
keep on looping and sewing

and soon you'll be addicted
you could of course use glue.
pah! why glue when you can stitch?
I like stitching.
and these little labours of love will last for many Christmases to come!
I hope you try these, and enjoy them...Merry Christmas!


dottycookie said...

Argh, yet anbother thing to add to my to-make list!

Many thanks for the package of gorgeousness that arrived today and is calling my name ...

Ann said...

Lovely idea and reminds me of paper chains I made as a child. they always fell apart in the dry air over Christmas, but these will las t years and years! Excellent 'how to' tutorial too that I will be following before Christmas ;)

Unknown said...

Must add these to my list too, great idea xx

Wan Anis Sorfina said...

like the idea ! ;))) said...

Oh how pretty, I love these! Thanks so much for the great idea, I'll be linking.

HeyNiceSweater said...

Too sweet!!

Will you make some for your shop?

Tiffany said...

I just made a fabric chain garland! I never would have thought of felt. Great idea!

katy said...

Thanks for this Tuto!! Is lovely a new proyect for my to do list with my students!

MummyCat said...

I'm working on a felty chain at the moments thanks to this lovely tutorial. I hope you will check out its progress on