Saturday, June 13, 2009


yesterday John had a few hours in between his normal work and he headed straight to my workshop (I like calling it a workshop, rather than a studio, don't know why!)
Again he was there whilst I was at work and he refused to tell me what he was doing!

He had gone back to work by the time I got there and my instructions were to tidy up and hoover! He had made a BIG mess because he has already made my work table!!
It is absolutely HUGE ... I had done a sketch of what I thought I wanted and he made it Perfectly :-) It's very tall which is perfect for standing up and cutting out or for drawing patterns or for packing orders (it's going to be a busy table!) and just look at all the room underneath for fabric!!


Unknown said...

Well done hubby! It looks great!

Jodie said...

You must be soooo excited!

Anonymous said...

Oh you lucky thing im so jealous and yes i agree with the 'workshop' rather than 'studio'. Studios for a lot of people are probably a table in the kitchen!

christine said...

that's a good man, that is!

Diane said...

My parcel of monkey goodies arrived today! Thank you SO MUCH!! It's all really fantastic and I feel so lucky! I've posted photos and written more about it here:
but the general gist is 'it's all amazing and I love it and thank you so much!!'
I hope we can stay in touch,

ClaireP said...

wow! It's already starting to take shape. I like your name painted on the wall too!

Nia said...

Fantastic! John's a star!

Twiggy said...

How exciting, what a top hubby. Lovely monkey stuff !!!
Twiggy x

Indigo Blue said...

Oh isn't he a love! Surprises like that are lovely, by the way is he any good with kitchens?
Thank you for my order the other day. There are so many lovely felt colours choosing could take some time!