Friday, December 14, 2007

heeellloooooo i'mmmm ssslllooowwww

I made a present for my niece ::

A great BIG tortoise cushion

He's a very happy chappy, but he doesn't move very fast !!

Here he is with some cotton reels so you can see how big he is.

He is made from denim and polka dot corduroy with fleece head and feet. He takes A LOT of stuffing but he is so much fun I think I'll be making more :-)


Kitty said...

Awww, that's one fabulous tortoise! Well done. :-) x

Locket Pocket said...

He is adorable! HUGE and adorable! Lucy x

Unknown said...

what, no monkey????? ;)

I love him, he's gorgeous!

picciolo said...

wow sisterini, she is going to love him, he is gorgeous!!!!! I love the expression on his face and he looks really comfy to sit on. What a lucky girl she is to have you as an auntie xxxx

Rubyred said...

love the cushion,especially the expression on his face.I bet your niece will love him!

Ana Baird said...

what a lovely tortoise! really cute!