Monday, April 15, 2013

working in silence

This weekend the nasty cold/virus thing that's doing the rounds came and found me.
It was particularly bad timing because yesterday was John's birthday -  we did still manage a couple of hours out and about in the sunshine with some nice birthday food and some cold beers (for John).  I also did a lot of napping and some resting on the sofa in Pj's...... and today I feel fine, full of beans and ready to work - but my voice has gone!!  Sometimes I sound like a goat, sometimes like a squeaky thing, other times there's no sound at all!!
It's a bit weird because I like to talk.
A lot.
Even when there is no one else here I talk to myself - one good thing is that  I don't need to be able to talk to pack the parcels, and boy did I do a lot of that today!

PS chocolate birthday cake doesn't work as medicine and magically give your voice back.
PPS nor do Custard Creams!


Bagladee said...

Oh dear :( hope you're feeling better soon Sarah, I have it too. Big hugs xxx

Indigo Blue said...

Did you try choclate cake decorated with custard creams? Could work ya know.

Glad you feel better, there have been some very nasty bugs this year, managed to miss it far!

Jessie May said...

Have you tried chocolate brownie with Carte D'or vanilla ice cream? Works a treat for me. There must be a bug about, I know a few people who've lost their voice, my friend Diana, my butcher and Chris Evans on Radio 2. Hope your voice comes back soon.

krazy knit kerena said...

hi don't know if it will bring your voice back but glycerin honey and lemon in a bottle most shops do their own brand wilkinsons etc you can have when you want and it does help sooth,hope you get better soon :)

Get Crafty said...

We hope that you'll get better soon.. and we're hoping to see more great projects coming soon :) xx