Wednesday, April 24, 2013

About Time Too + special discount codes

When I launched my 40% wool felt last year it also meant that I changed the colours of threads I sell - but I didn't update the photos and, as all my website shoppers will know, when they bought threads the photos were of felt colours, rather than reels of cotton.
Which is, quite frankly, a little bit rubbish.
But today I have finally rectified this - I have photographed all 45 threads, alongside the felt they match,  AND I have a special offer too!
 If you buy two reels of thread you get a third for free - it's a wonderful way to celebrate right?
To claim your free threads you need to enter a code on the website (this is the only way I could workout how to do it) - and the code you use is dictated by how many threads you put in your shopping basket ::
if you buy 3, use the code Ibought3 and the price of one reel will be discounted (£1.65)
if you buy 9 the code Ibought9 will give you a discount of three reels (£4.95)
make sense?
I hope so!
All the thread colours are well stocked as I type, but it is first come first served - offer ends on Monday 29th April (or before if all the thread is sold!!)  I will definitely be re-stocking all the colours so you'll always be able to get matching threads.

buy two reels of thread and get the third for free!

Use ONE of the following codes at the checkout:
See my threads by clicking here
PS you can see all the codes on the website too!
PPS if you fancy stocking up and buy a thread rainbow please use the code Ibought45 it will reduce the price from £69 to £44.25.  Which is a total bargain!

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Unknown said...

when they bought threads Women Clothing Coupon Codes the photos were of felt colours, rather than reels of cotton.