Friday, August 21, 2015

it's SWAP time!

it's back for it's second year:
 and this year it's even bigger - you can now send & swap upto 6 decorations!
 if you need and inspiration here's the 2014 swap in collage form:
full details can be found here: the hand made Christmas Decoration Swap 2015

Monday, August 10, 2015

advanced warning

just a littlle heads-up that we will not be posting orders out for one week
this week is normal, but get your orders in before Thursday to make sure they get sent before we go :-)

Monday, August 03, 2015

Ribbons for Christmas

Some  times I forward order stock - I don't do it often because not all suppliers do that, but this ribbon was ordered waaaay back in February....I was a bit 'over' Christmas at that point but I could not resist these - and when I opened the delivery on Friday afternoon I was SUPER happy that I'd got my hands on these :-)
 there's lots of grey - my favourite base colour
 lots of cute (of course!)
 and lots of Christmas colours and characters
 the silver on these baubles is all sparkly :-)
All of them are just 40p a metre - Good huh?
you can see them all here

Saturday, July 25, 2015

why hello!

well I don't know, I don't pop up on here for a week or two and then when I do all I want to do is flog you some stuff ;-) .... good job it's all so lovely else you may not want to come back!

1. Cotton & Star Ribbon – 85p / metre
2. Metallic Chevron Ribbon – 95p / metre
3. Sew on Jewels - £4.50 / pk of 25
4. Promo Priced Scissors £2.75  & £3.50
5. Padded Stars - £4.75 / pk of 30
6. Mobile Wires - £2.00
7. Star shaped ribbon - £1.70 / metre
8. Jacquard Ribbon - £1.75 / metre
9. Gold star ribbon – 45p / metre
10. Lemon ric rac – 70p / metre
11. Hanging Frames – small £4.50 large £7.50
12. Snowflake ribbon - £1.25 / half metre
13. Snap Hairclips - £1 for 10
14. Grey star ribbon – 35p / metre
15. Double stitched ribbon – 55p / metre
16. Padded Stars - £4.75 / pk of 30
17. Clips - £5.50 / pk of 12
18. Snap Hairclips - £1 for 10
19. Sew on Jewels - £4.50 / pk of 25
20. Gingerbread Man buttons – 10p each

ALL in the WHAT’s NEW section of my website

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

shop talk

Today we spent time prepping stock to fill up the we have more space there (and more stock!) we can fill up twice a week, rather than every other day - which is a lot more efficient ... It's amazing how different the fill-up list is every time....this time it was fabric, fabric & more fabric!!
It takes a lot of cutting, folding & packing but it looks lovely when it's done!! (these are photos in the workshop - they will be put in the shop after work tomorrow)
***our shop is within The Custom's House, West Bay, Dorset their website is HERE our shop will be there for the rest of this year (at least!) and they are open 7 days a week***

Monday, July 06, 2015

colouring in - with stitches!

I have had so much fun making these samples up!
They arrived on Friday and I couldn't wait to stitch them - there are two packs...each pack has 8 animals (2 each of 4 different animals)
 Rabbit, Bear, Penguin & Owl
 Cat, Dog, Snail & Horse
 This is Ted :-)
 This is my cat
And this is my rabbit wearing a rainbow jumper!
Each pack has 8 animals (2 each of 4 designs) and costs just £3.50
You can find them by clicking HERE

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Feeling HOT?

Yestreday was the hottest day of the year so far - and we had a delivery of Christmas Fabrics!!
 they are very very cute!
 ALL our Christmas Fabrics are HERE and they all get cheaper the more you buy ... these are the prices for today's new fabrics:
 £3.25 a fat quarter
 £6.30 half metre
 £12 a metre