Tuesday, April 15, 2014

*NEW* on my website today

 *NEW* wool felt stems - as promised yesterday, in 20 colours
 *NEW* printed felt with LARGE polka dots  -  in 4 fun colours
 *NEW* pom pom makers by craft company Clover - round pom poms & heart shaped pom poms too
Quick Links :
felt stems are here
LARGE polka dot felt is here
pom pom makers are here

Monday, April 14, 2014

felt stems are in the building...

 tonnes of green ones ....
...AND loads of other colours too!!!
They will be on the website tomorrow - I know loads of you are waiting for these and I would do it now, but it's John's birthday today and we are going out straight after the postman has picked up all the parcels, so I'm afraid I'm making you wait a day longer - sorry about that ;-)

Friday, April 11, 2014

look what I got my hands on!

I have been using and selling American Craft's Black Brads for years!
Last December I received the unwelcome news that they were being discontinued and I could not get anymore :-(
 BUT look what I have! hundreds of packets of them - all bought at a special clearance price in the American Crafts's End of Line SALE - they are the last ones anywhere - I cleared out the warehouse in America of every single pack they had and they are ALL mine Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!
I am sharing them though - they are on the website for ONLY £1.75 a pack - but be quick - once these are gone they really are gone forever!

quick link :: brads on the website :: click HERE

Thursday, April 10, 2014

our barn full of felt

It's exactly a month since we re-opened after the move and today the felt cutting area (John's domain) had a delivery of second hand racking installed (with a lot of hard work by John, seriously - if you ever move John is the person to help you - he's AMAZING, but that said, you can't have him, sorry)...
I love that the racking is orange & grey rather than that horrid electric blue that it sometimes comes in :-)
John made the cutting table himself (see, I told you.  He's amazing!) which means it is the perfect height for excess felt storage and optimum felt cutting too......the white Ikea Expedit Cube cupboards on the left are double sided - John cuts and fills from his side and I pick orders from the other side...so it's all very useful and rather beautiful too - I can't stop swinging my chair round and looking at it all!!

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

let's just pretend....

...that I do still sew ;-)
but really I am now an official box un-packer-er
 yesterday's box contained the purple sewing chair (from made.com) ...note the good use of felt samples for make-shift castors whilst I wait for the real ones to come from eBay.... we're slightly terrified of ruining the lovely wooden floorboards of our rented house (and losing our hefty deposit in the process!) so we're being v.e.r.y. careful....
today's boxes held the new dining room table (from oakfurniture land) we truly wanted an old farmhouse table with mix & match old chairs but we didn't want to wait, wait, wait to find the perfect thing, we found a few 'nearly' OK tables but they were all painted (rather badly) and mucho money, so we went with new....we were surprised that Oak Furniture Land had something for us, but this is ace - and Yes.  I did walk round the showroom and knock on everything , just like they do on TV :-)

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

it's all about deliveries ...

at work :: a very heavy button delivery arrived which means my empty button jars have been replenished (boo! to empty jars,  yay! to pretty full-up jars!)
at home :: a new armchair has been delivered (it's my new sewing chair) - our new home is too small for both our sofas so mine is in the barn (an ikea worn-out number) and John's (a lovely brown leather comfy sofa) is in the house - we do share, but it's nice to have a sewing chair again! and tomorrow we should be receiving our new dining table - the old flat didn't have a dining room so it was sofa dinners every day (the novelty of that wears off after 13 years!) so we are looking forward to a dining room very much indeed!...and in a few weeks (and the last delivery for home) we will have a bed for the spare room and can start receiving over night visitors ...and I'm hoping that we'll have a nice long list of family and friends coming to visit :-)

Monday, April 07, 2014

it's a 3 bucket Monday ....

 ...and a definite BIG coffee cup day ;-)