Wednesday, April 13, 2016

never ending deliveries!

We have had SO many deliveries over the past four weeks - they all got  ripped open so I could see what was inside and then put to one side whilst the new website was built.  I am slowly catching up and that means A LOT of lovely newness is now on the website....ready for A LOT of pictures?
 *new* wooden storage
 *new* Hot Glue Gun
 *new* Lace
 *new* embroidered iron-on motifs
 *new* buttons
 AND a LOT of *new* fabric :-)
 *new* metallic fabrics
 AND, lastly (for now) *new* knit fabrics :-)
all the *new* is in the 'what's new' section of the new website
that's a lot of new ;-)!blank-2/fgeib

Monday, April 04, 2016

Good bye Loyalty Card, Hello Free Gifts

Waaaaaay back at the beginning of the year I asked you, and our facebook followers, for ideas to replace our Loyalty Card ... there were tonnes of suggestions and recommendations and it was very (very) clear that you liked receiving our free kits (hooray!) :-)
We replaced our loyalty card yesterday when we launched the new website and we have kept the free kit, but have done away with the (really very) time consuming stickers and cards and, even though I'm sure some of you will miss the stickers, I hope you will enjoy our new, free craft packs - you don't need to do anything to claim a free craft pack, just shop as normal and everytime you spend £25 you'll get a free craft pack in your parcel (one pack for every £ if you spend £50 you get two packs...£75, three packs...)  

I know some of you shop small & often and will miss the opportunity to build up to a free gift, but these packs are better than the old ones, so you may get fewer of them, but they are better :-)
Our free craft packs are all different but you'll get an idea from the photos - everything inside is sample sized so you get more variety, and I only include things we sell in our shop - so you know all the items are good quality crafty supplies that I would use myself.
Our old loyalty card ran for 6 years (wow!) and your sticker collecting isn't wasted - you can 'cash in' your existing stickers on the new website and convert your stickers to money off your next order - I've set up a form on there to make it super easy :-)

Sunday, April 03, 2016

I have finished!

I Have FINISHED !!!!!
the *new* website has been published and is ready for you to have a browse...there are 3122 products,345 product 'collections' and around 400 links...I'm pretty sure I've proof-read and click tested it all but if you spot something please let me know (be kind, I'm exhausted!)
THERE'S A VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE to our Loyalty Card (full details on the *new* website) the old scheme has finished and there's a NEW (better) scheme in place (and you can 'cash in' your old cards)
ALSO - I have boxes & boxes of new stock to add so I may be bombarding you with that quite soon :-)
I hope you like it?

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Website moving

The old website is temporarily closed whilst we switch everything over to the new one (do you like how I make that sound super easy?!)....if you click through to the website and see the grey & mustard picture then things have happened and we're nearly ready, if you can still see the black & white message then we're still waiting patiently ... watch this space ;-)

Sunday, March 06, 2016


Happy Mother's Day Mum :-)
I love you xxx
(in the photo:  my Sister :: my Mum :: my Dad :: my Neice :: me :: John)

Friday, February 12, 2016

pop-up shop udate

The center that our pop up shop is in is now open for 7 days a week again - which meant it was time for a change around and a spring clean :-)
 The stocks quite low at the moment because it's been quiet over Winter but we'll soon be jam packed and squeezing it all in again!
 Sorry the photos are so yellow - it's the strip lights that do that :-)
 I'm not sure how long the ribbons will stay this neat and tidy...but they looked pretty when I left ;-)
our shop is in The Customs House, West Bay, Dorset
their Facebook is here

Thursday, February 11, 2016

It's finished!

 *toot*toot*toot* [that's a fanfare]
I finished my cross stitch cushion ... the final stitch was stitched late last night and I rushed home today to take photos before the light disappeared completely. I need to buy a cushion pad and then it will be complete