Thursday, April 24, 2014


once all of today's parcels were packed and ready for the postman I *finally* made a start on my weekly accounts - I have 9 weeks worth to do & a looming VAT return deadline - doing the VAT is easy if your accounts are all upto date so I need to knuckle down and have managed to do 3 weeks worth today - which means I could be done by the end of the weekend! yippee!!
 John spent a few hours building my final expedit (ikea) and rejigging the stock area to fit it in...the deliveries to fill this unit up are on their way
the barn is looking good :-)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

making, making & more making

 making :: a bright and cheerful order of embellishments ...
 ...such lovely colour combos!
 making :: lots of flower craft packs
making :: a very special order for purple brooches - hope you like them Rose? they will be delivered tomorrow so watch out for the postman :-)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

sorting through the scraps

when we moved I discovered lots of boxes of felt off cuts - they were all stored away nice and neatly under the table in my making room under lots of other boxes and I have to say that I had forgotten I had even put them there! 
 Today I unpacked and sorted them all out and have made up a grand selection of remnant packs - they are all a good mix of sizes and a random selection of 30% wool and 40% wool felts - some bits are end of rolls, some are mis-cuts and some are off cuts from my making
the thin strips are all off cuts from John's felt cutting table - these are all 40% wool felt and come in a big bag of multi-coloured goodness :-)
I've listed them all at bargain prices and when they are gone they are gone - so be quick if you want a bargain
they are on the website here

Saturday, April 19, 2014

storage boxes

I love storage. 
I have wanted to stock my favourite finds for AGES but did not have enough space in the stock room. 
Until now.
Now I have shallow trays...
 ...deep trays....
 ...teeny boxes in cute colours....
...crafty tool boxes AND a selection of other boxes too!
it's all here :: storage boxes if you'd like a closer look :-)


Come and visit my newly revamped Fabric section of my website - all new photos, all new categories AND lots of NEW fabrics too!

Friday, April 18, 2014

a day of fabric

 today I have had hours of fun cutting and folding fabric - I have had lots of new fabric delivered but before I listed it on the website I wanted to re-jig it all...Fabric now has it's own category on the website, with lots of smaller sections inside it to make finding fabric a lot easier - whilst I was sorting out all the categories I decided my photos were a bit blah so I re-took them all today too - and it all took waaaayyyy longer than I imagined - the new fabrics will be on there tomorrow, but I have finished updating all the existing fabrics :-)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

*NEW* on my website today

 *NEW* wool felt stems - as promised yesterday, in 20 colours
 *NEW* printed felt with LARGE polka dots  -  in 4 fun colours
 *NEW* pom pom makers by craft company Clover - round pom poms & heart shaped pom poms too
Quick Links :
felt stems are here
LARGE polka dot felt is here
pom pom makers are here