Thursday, April 16, 2015

Die Cutting

 I have spent most of the afternoon Die Cutting :-)
 Lots and Lots of sets of stars and circles, in 3 different sizes, it's fun trying to imagine what these will be turned into once my customer works her crafty magic on them :-)
Next on the list?  Cutting out some actual sewing  -  there hasn't been a lot of sewing going on around these parts but I am making up for it now - and I can't wait to show you what I've been doing   :-)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Fabric Corner

Our Pop-Up shop has been open for *nearly* 2 weeks - it's going well and I'm really pleased with it - John and I have been going in for a tidy round & fill-up every other day....we weren't sure what products would be a hit and so far I'm still not sure, but I have decided I need to change the displays around and group all the same kind of items together, rather than spread them round the small space.

This morning I put the finishing touches to Fabric Corner....I filled some hoops with some of my favourite fabrics and have displayed them in an old drawer that's propped up against the lovely stone wall. Then I added all my neatly folded fat quarters to the shelves and little drawers. Hopefully it will be easier for customers to see what's there and maybe get inspired to make something
The next display on my re-jig list is the Ribbon Section.....

Our pop-up shop is located within The Customs House at West Bay,  Dorset

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Help Wanted!

 This little pile of felt squares is the result of 3 months or so of emailing and sample sending back & forth to our felt manufacturer .... we now have a grand total of 22 new colours in sample format for us to narrow down - and I am stuck!!  Which ones would you pick?
We will be keeping our existing 46 colours and adding to them ..... I'd love to know which you would like added :-)
(and to all of you that say all of them you're no help at all because that is what I am currently thinking!)

Monday, April 13, 2015

oh, hello!

Are you sitting comfortably?  there's a lot to catch up on since my last post!....
Our pop up shop is open!
 It's in an historic industrial building called The Customs House which has been opened up to around 200 traders to sell their wares.
 There are all sorts of fabulous things for sale ... from fresh bread from a local bakery to antique furniture, and all sorts of things in between.
 It's exciting to have an outlet for people to visit - I'm not there very often...but I have tried to nip in every day to have a tidy up and replenish stocks....luckily it is very near our house so there's not far to travel!
The Customs House has a FB page here and a website here if you would like to know more :-)
I promise I won't just post on Facebook this week ;-)

Sunday, March 22, 2015

ribbon new-ness

 I've added 3 new colours to our pencil stripe selection (grey, pale pink & black)
 and burgundy, bright blue & purple to our ginghams
 narrow satin stitch is a new design - available in 4 colours - it's just 3mm wide so it's great for using as hanging loops
 and I went mad on satin micro dots and got them in a whole rainbow of colours!
 which means my ribbon shelf is looking pretty full right now ;-)
all new ribbons are on the website here

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I made a lampshade!

 We've got new kits - and I made one of them today :-)
Lampshade kits come in 3 sizes -  everything you need is in the box - apart from the actual Lampshade Material, you get to choose whatever fabric/material you wish (fabric, felt, wallpaper)  I used some of our new Hello Bear fabric and I love it :-)
if you would like to make your own lampshade too you can find the kits on the website here

Thursday, March 12, 2015

hello bear

our newest fabric delivery is a rather more grown up range of cute fabrics....'s called Hello Bear, and is by a fabric company called Art Gallery.
 The lead fabric has bears, foxes, deers, owls & racoons and it comes on grey or aqua...
 ...the complimentary fabrics include stag heads
 ...and geometrics
 It really is a very gorgeous collection.  I hope you all like it too?
 Oh, and look!  I have found the perfect place to keep it ;-)
 Hello Bear fabrics can be found on the website here