Thursday, March 03, 2011

freebie day :: March 2011

This month's freebie has been inspired by one of my lovely customers, Hailing.
Hailing has a shop on Etsy called soap pops and she makes amazing Ice Lolly soaps...look ::

Don't they look gorgeous??? well they are and they smell gorgeous too!
Hailing offered to supply a freebie prize & I had to say yes because they are so amazing!
I was a little stumped trying to come up with an idea for what I could offer as a freebie prize to go with these soaps but then inspiration struck and I started sewing!

What goes with soap??? ... a wash bag!

what goes with soap in the shape of Ice Lollies? ice lolly wash bag!!

The wash bag is a paper-and-string one-off...but there are lots of ice lolly soaps in Hailing's shop...she's even provided a discount code for you all...just use the discount code PAPERANDSTRING and you'll receive a 10% discount

The Prizes
prize 1...Ice Lolly Wash Bag & 3 Ice Lolly Soaps
prize 2...3 Ice Lolly Soaps
How to enter
simply leave a comment on this post and your name will be entered into the draw
I must must must be able to contact you through your comment
(if you type your email address then replace the @ with (at) and the .com with (dot) com and the spam bots won't find you)
only one comment each please
I will post worldwide so everyone is welcome to enter
Comments will close on Tuesday 8th March & winners will be announced shortly after
don't forget that Hailing has a discount here and get 10% off!
discount code :: PAPERANDSTRING
Good Luck!
The freebie has now closed (at comment #210!)
winners will be announced in a separate post shortly


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Aminah said...

Awesome! Marvellous!
Hope there's a luck for me this time :)

I'm from Malaysia :)


Thank you.

MiMie AddNin said...

hope be mine...
really like that...

mrsgiddy said...

I want to be included please!
Such a lovely giveaway!

fafafo said...

really sweetttttt...

Shelley said...

Ooh another fab giveaway!!!!
So wanna win this :)

sweatereyes said...

so cute!! ^_^ xoxo

dMasyri said...

so gorgeous..
plz count me in..

Maria Vasconcelos said...

Hi, I would like to participate!

Yummy Mummy said...

Hello Sarah,

Fantastic giveaway :-)

Please include me

Thanks x

~YaNa~ said...

Wow!! cute lolly soaps.. i want it..

Mandy said...

Ooh, how lovely. The perfect thing to make me feel cooler in this really hot weather we're having down in South Africa (31 degrees C today!). Your freebies are always so wonderful!

Mandy (jazzygoblin(at)hotmail(dot)com)

Kelly said...

What a fab giveaway as always - Would really like to win this one :)

imogenshep said...

How lovely and summery, spring feels like it might spring quite soon up north, much to my dismay and pangs for winter skiing still.

imogen dot shepherd at gmail dot com

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