Monday, April 12, 2010

on the tray today

today I am making flower brooches ::
I love choosing the colours and laying them all out, ready to sew ::
yesterday I spent a good few hours on the computer and have re-jigged my etsy shop
... I also listed all my new felt colour groups on my website ::
AND I listed a GIANT felt rainbow too ... 24" square, 45 different colours....a felt fans idea of heaven!


ZEPETIT said...

You have everything relly organized!


Unknown said...

"a felt fans idea of heaven!" ???

oh my God!
Yes it is!!!!

:) :P

We like "paper-and-string"! So cute!

Nice work!

Feltro & Companhia!

Summer Candia said...

Your creations are so cute! I would love the ind of things you make as accessories to spice my up beanie and scarp books!

p.s. I think the turquoise petaled flower with pink button is the best ;) xxx

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh lovely, perfect inspiration for some felt craft with children during Australian school holidays. Love Posie

Sandra said...

I had to smile, yup it sure is a felt fan's idea of heaven :) Now have to say that tray is looking rather yum

Almu said...

Oh!!! I love this flowers and these colours! I always use the felt from your shop :D

Unknown said...

NiCE WORK!!!So Cute!!!
Kisses :)

Lay Rosa said...

I love it!!!!
so cute!!