Thursday, April 29, 2010

birthday cake

today is my sister's birthday...Happy Birthday Sisterini :-)

there's no real cake I'm afraid....but how about a felt-y cupcake?


Nymphasarda said...

Hi, I'm Annagiulia
I think that your creations are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Well at least there's no calories
to worry about!! Your cakes look scrummy anyway!

mimmi said...

Hi! I follow your blog and I think your creations are very very beautiful!!!

Ink and Belle said...

How adorable! I would like some of these, plus some real cakes... that would be so nice =D

Sarah @

araleling said...

Yum yum :D
So beautifully created :)

ABC said...

The cakes are adorable! :D

I'm having a giveaway in my blog. Come visit us and join the fun! :D

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

A felty cupcake would be lovely :)
Anne x

paper-and-string said...

thank you for the cupcake kindness everyone :-)
Sarah x