Wednesday, April 21, 2010

getting organised

I have had a very organised day today...I caught up on lots of jobs I had to do...boring things like paperwork & paying bills, food shopping & laundry and fun things like buying a new website, filing my photos so I can find them (always helps!), making the swatch card for my iron ons and finally getting a few more items listed on Folksy...I did find listing on Folksy quite clumsy and clunky but now I've listed 10 items in a row I feel like a pro Folksy out Folksy, I'm coming to fill your shelves!


Missy said...

Even your swatches are eye-candy!!!

Crafty Karen said...

i always get excited when i see a new post appear on the side of my blog :-D! is it another Mr.Site website? i was thinking of setting up a website but i have no idea which programme to go with :-S

paper-and-string said...

hi PussyGalore,
I love your smiley cat logo, he's SO cute!
I was going to do plain old squares of fabric on the swatch but then thought, hey, hearts would look pretty :-)
Hi Crafty Karen,
it is indeed another MrSite's going to be the new home for my wholesale items(I've been planning it for ages)...I'd recommend MrSite, they have served me well and always help when I need it!!
Sarah x

cArLa said...

hi i found you on google, so glad that i did! i'm a follower now... thanks for your felt pouch tutorial back in 09... love your assembly line, your work space looks immaculate... can't say the same for mine. xo, carla