Thursday, April 22, 2010

kit factory

I was up bright and early today working on a wholesale order for a new customer...lots of kits this time...
...I really enjoy laying them all out and adding each component until they are finished...
...choosing which buttons to include is one of the best bits :-)
Here they are all finished, and after a mad dash to the Post Office are now on their way!


sassypackrat said...

I'm so envious of that giant table!

Anonymous said...

OMG,I'm envious of it all!!!It's like a complete paradise, can I come live with you!!!??

Anonymous said...

Just wondered what fancy software you use to design your packaging?

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Ooh I love visiting your blog, the colours are so bright and cheery :) I can well understand you enjoying putting the kits together :)
Anne xx

katy said...

Just wanted to say "hi" and thank you for great service via Ebay, recieved my sample card today...too many gorgeous colours to choose from! Katy x

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

You can totally see the detail & love you put into them, gorgeous!! Love Posie

treaclezoo said...

What a lovely, colour-filled job you have! Love the shop/ studio and all the yummy things you surround yourself with - how lucky!

Grace & Favour Home said...

I'm such a follower of your blog, but I never comment - naughty Rachael! Your kits are the cutest thing, I know what you mean about enjoying packing them, I'm like that too - I think I just love playing shop! And as for your studio - its divine! I could never be that organised!

Julia said...

I love your workshop Sarah, so bright and cheery and who wouldn't want to work there?! Are you planning on opening this one to the public too? xx

paper-and-string said...

hi sassypackrat
I LOVE my giant table, I wholeheartedly recommend everyone get one!! (and if like me one won't fit in your house get a workshop too!!)

haha Julie!
if you came to live with me I'd have you sewing at least 16 hours a day...i'd be a slave driver!

anonymous person *wave*
I use Publisher, nice and easy to learn but not very fancy schmancy!

hi Anne,
i'm glad you find my blog cheery, thanks for visiting

You're welcome Katy,
sounds like there's another felt addict in the making!?

Posie you just leave the BEST ever comments, they always make me smile :-) thank you x

Oh Treaclezoo, I wish it were my full time job! It's blinking hard work but I do love it

Rachael, I hardly ever comment either but it's nice to say hi..."hi" :-) I've always loved playing's what I do for the day job too so I get lots of practise!

sadly Julia I am not able to open to the public. It's a boring old condition to my lease, it took ages to decide if that was a good thing or not, but it's such a FAB workshop I decided to fore-go the shop side of things...sorry if you were wanting to visit

Sarah x

♥ Xett Hereen ♥ said...

i wish i can buy that kit!!

but i'm at malaysia.