Monday, November 09, 2009


271 comments....Thank You everyone for entering...I called the Random Number Generator into action and he randomly decided ....

...comment number 226 & 50 are the winners ::
number 50 ::
jaja said...
i don't want to be left behind too. OMG, i want all those gorgeous ribbons.
number 226 ::
szkornelia said...
Wow, lovely ribbons. And many! I wish I would win!!!
please email me your addresses and I can send you your prizes!
I'll be back tomorrow with crafty news!


jaja said...

OMG, I won!!! i can't believe it. friends told me, congratulate me, but i totally blank with what they've said. i forgot about this!! thank u so much, i am so excited. feels like i want to fly to get all those superb gorgeous gift from you. already emailed u my address.

fanny said...

congratulations to the 2 lucky winners !
Next time will be my turn ;-)

shell said...

well done xx

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Congratulatioos to the winners :) Enjoy your ribbons ;)
Anne x