Thursday, June 19, 2008


Yesterday was my day-off the day job and normally I'd be found trying to do 101 things all at the same time :-)
But yesterday I came to a natural standstill.
Time to spend some time thinking about things.

I decided to make some fun non-taxing items and made more of my scrap circles, this time with vintage buttons from my collection.
This one is my favourite ::
So what have I been thinking about? Well everything paper-and-string related really!
Thinking about account keeping and filling the shops and doing wholesale orders and all the new ideas buzzing around my head. I'm working on some new (exciting) ideas and am very much looking forward to the next half of 2008.
So if you fancy sitting and thinking, grab a cornflake cake and join me :-)


Maxine said...

Those cakes look very tasty so I might just join you!! and those scrap circles aren't bad either!! : )

Bagladee said...

Very philosophical....I'm having a jolly good clear out at the moment. Trying to make some clarity out of the fog :) off to do a bit blogging myself to rant about....most things. I could just eat one of those choco crispies!! yum yum xx

Anonymous said...

that sounds very good, i cant wait to see your new idea's ...
im sure they will be very good what ever they will be..! xxx jade xxx

mollycupcakes said...

Oh yummy cornflake chocolate cakes, I'll bring the coffee and we can sit and sew together lol
Can't wait to hear all about the new ideas and see photos.
Catherine x

Annie said...

Thanks for the crackle and the thoughts. I have enjoyed looking at all your projects.

Net said...

Oh, cornflake cakes! Yum! It's so important to stop once in while and collect your thoughts, sounds like you have lots of positive things coming up - look forward to seeing your new projects!

Meridian Ariel said...

mmm cornflake cakes... ant the vintage buttons on the circle scraps are lovely... almost looks like a pile of lovely sweeties.