Tuesday, June 03, 2008

sick bed shopping :: part one

I found that THE BEST medicine is shopping.
It cheered me up and raised my spirits and let my imagination go into overdrive, whilst I was unable to make a thing!
Today my first installment of medicine arrived from KittyCraft ::
lots of lovely fabric and some new stationery ::
the super-cute paper bags are the same kind of shape as pick n mix bags and will be being used in this months freebie, which is on Thursday :-)


Shelley said...

I just happened upon your blog a few days ago and must say I absolutely love it! I am completely addicted to applique and love, love, love felt! Will be placing a significant oreder from you just as soon as I can.
Shelley xxx

jojoebi said...

what is that cute robot fabric? having a little boy I am always on the look out for cute boys fabric.
glad you are feeling better!

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

I almost wish I could be ill so I could have that kind of medicine. Glad you're feeling better tho'. :o)

ClaireP said...

OH! the cactus fabric is fantastic! I might have to get me some of that! :)

did i say toadstool posted???!!!