Tuesday, June 24, 2008

blinking computers!

So (get ready for a long post!) this morning I made a present for my friend, then set up my table to start taking photos of all the new things I had made.
I received an email from a customer via Etsy who couldn't purchase from my website because MrSite are having *troubles*
The troubles involve the words Trojans and Disappearing Websites!


BIG re-think. No big website update for me today!
All SALE items are now on Ebay
and some new goodies are on Etsy
One day soon-ish everything will be in one place ... just not today!

Now I don't know about all you other crafty peeps but I find this time of year quite quiet shopwise. It happened last year and I filled the time with all the normal things...bbq's, friends, etcetc but come September I was kicking myself for not using the time wisely.
So this year I intend to do just that and have started to get ready for CHRISTMAS!!!

I couldn't quite bring myself to start making reindeers and snowmen BUT I could start sketching new ideas ::

the left sketch turned into Santa::
and the right hand sketch kinda evolved at the cutting out stage and ended up as a fir tree (of the happy variety, obviously!)
They take a while to make because of all the layers
but as of now they are my new favourite thing I've made :-)


Michaela said...

I love the fir trees so much!

Rachel said...

Oh, those fir trees are so cute! Fabulous idea! x

Kitty said...

Would you please wash your mouth out with soap and water for saying that dreadful 'C' word in JUNE???!!!

Flippin' cute happy fir trees though. x

Anonymous said...

oh my god i love them so much , i cant wait for christmas they are just so cute ,by the way thank you so much for my gift i got it today lovley stuff thanks again your great luv jade diable x x x x

Michaele Sommerville said...

Those trees are perfect!

French Knots said...

Love Santa, too cute! The C word is fine with me - my local branch of The Pier has a sale starting tomorrow so I'm going to buy some things to put away for Christmas presents!

Anonymous said...

OMG! too cute for words! Make sure you make plenty as I'm going to have to have some as our 'new' items for this years tree! :)

Indigo Blue said...

Excellent! Love these new trees, I like decorations that are in non-christmassy colours. It is the little faces that really make them.

Me and Him said...

I need the tree and santa. They match my elf and reindeer.

Bagladee said...

OOOhhh ooohhh thats me I'm the friend!!! I am so excited cant wait to see what it is!!!

***hopping back and forth on one leg in excitement***

My tree this year WILL be adorned with those gorgeous fir trees, I love them!!!

Shelley said...

Received my second parcel this morning and wanted to send a big thank you for the little freebie. I know just the place for these little treats. Loving your christmas bits, so cute! xxx