Friday, June 06, 2008

blah blah rant and blah

Ordinarily I think of this blog space as a happy, colourful bright place. But today it's annoyed!

I was contacted via flickr and etsy by a new (to me) customer who wanted a certain order but couldn't get the website to work (I don't know why!) After a few conversations too and fro I created a special listing on Etsy, which the customer purchased. Quite a few (about 20, seriously 20 ) convo's later from the customer, telling me they can't pay, I turn the computer on this morning to find that Etsy has received a dispute about me saying that I am a non-delivering seller!

I am angry mad!


I have, on the other hand, finished sewing my toadstool for the swap...I wish I could show it, I love it! (I hope you'll love it too Claire!) I'm just waiting for the final pieces to arrive and then I can send off my parcel and THEN I can show you my toadstool !

Right, I'm off to the Post Office because I DO POST MY PARCELS !!!!


monda-loves said...

oh bummer, I'm with you on this. Recently someone has purchased something from my etsy shop and not paid for it, dspite me convo-ing them. I'm not too sure what to do next. It's really annoying isn't it.


Ali said...

Oh how irritating. And I, for one, am very happy to vouch for your parcel posting trustworthyness. Hope you get it sorted out soon.

greetingarts said...

Oh, how absolutely absurd. You post packages to people who haven't even paid a cent for your sweet giveaways, how ridiculous to suggest you're a non-delivering seller. I hope it gets straightened out quickly, sorry you had to go through that.

Elizabeth said...

Oh what a pain in the proverbials -there are some seriously annoying people out there. Hope you get it all sorted quickly.

Michaela said...

I'm with Ali - I can vouch for your posting trustworthyness. Everything is beautifully wrapped and arrives very quickly.

I have 13 and 8 year old children here - do you want me to send the boys round? They have lots of friends too!

Bagladee said...

Hang in there hunny, we all know you're a fab seller. And I dont know anyone who is as efficient at posting as you are!!!! How very dare they!!!!

Chin up.xx

Kitty said...

Well I've had a couple of parcels from you, and they both reached me really quickly. It's not nice to feel that you might have been taken for a ride is it? Poor you (((hugs))) x

Indigo Blue said...

Sounds to me like they do not now what they are doing. I had this with an Ebay sale and when I checked THEIR rating I discovered that they had pulled the same stunt with several sellers. I put it down to experience, re-listed it and sold the items two days later. I have checked your Etsy and there is no sign of this problem on your site to other viewers, but I would note down who they are for future reference.
Your reputation is very good and will not be affected by this silly person.XX

lucykate crafts... said...

oh what a pain, sounds to me like it's more down to their inexperience with how etsy works, either that or they are trying it on!