Friday, June 13, 2008

Blog friends are the best!

The other day a lovely lady named Emma emailed and asked for my address for she would like to send me a little something. I fought the urge to be all polite and say no, there's no need for that etc etc and emailed my exciting!
And look what popped through my letter box this morning ::

It was in an envelope but in my excitement I tore that open before I remembered to grab my camera ;-)

I first 'met' Emma through this blog and the lovely comments she left, then she bought a bit of felt...and some more...and some more (I'm helping to create felt addicts worldwide!) and we've emailed a bit in between as well!
I want to share one bit of Emma's lovely letter here because it made me proud and when I'm having a BAD craft day (we all get them, I know) I can click back here and re-read this::
'...thank you for your little corner of inspiration (your blog) really gave me the kick in the rear end I've been needing for a very long time!....I have met so many lovely crafting people but you are definitely the most inspirational'
As you can see Emma is a bag maker extraordinaire and as chief Fabricator her choice of fabric is just great, she makes it even better by adding some extra sparkles too.
Thank you Emma. It's very kind of you to send such a thoughtful gift, you're great :-)
In this photo the sparkley bits were making nice bright patterns on the black tissue paper but it was hard to photograph! can almost see them!
If you're looking for my freebie post, it's here.


Kitty said...

OMG - I wish I could put in a zip that well. It's stunning, no wonder you were pleased! x

Bagladee said...

Oh Sarah :)))), I'm so glad you liked your little gift. And MANY, MANY thanks for your kind have really made my day!! The photo's look fab too :)
Emma xxx P.S. Ernie 'the happy tree' says Hi!!

Anonymous said...

any news coming ?