Monday, March 24, 2008

twit twoo-oooo-oooooo

Guess what I did today?

I made a parliament of owls !! I had to look up what a group of owls was called and I quite like that it's a parliament of owls! John hoped it would be called a hoot of owls, which would have been good too ;-)
I've also been fiddling with my website again, it's all hidden at the moment because it's not finished but it's nearly done! I have created all the new pages I need and a whole load of spaces for my new products...which should be arriving tomorrow ! yippee!!


Anonymous said...

ooo! those owls are lovely! very pretty colours :))))

mollycupcakes said...

They are so cute twit ahoo! lol
Well done with them honey.


Catherine x

Anonymous said...

OMG the owls are FAB!!!

Kitty said...

Wonderful Owlage! x

bitesizecards said...

i can't believe its not a post about cupcakes! lol
your owls are fabulous

Claire said...

Hiya, please check out my blog as there is an award for you...the owls are ooooooooooo....claire xx

Ally Jay said...

I adore owls and yours are especially cute.