Tuesday, March 18, 2008

thank you cards

John and I popped to the pub last night, just for a quick drink before wandering into town and having dinner....BUT we forgot it was St Patrick's day and the pub was really lively with some FANTASTIC singers and musicians doing their thing, so we stayed and had our dinner there instead! It was great, not so great today mind you as I still have a slight headache...ouch !

I wrote a great big list yesterday of all the things I need to do because I put everything on hold for the cupcakes and it appears that I seem to have run out of a lot of things :: moo cards, packaging, address labels, swatch cards, thank you cards etcetcetc

So this morning I ordered some moo cards, and some stickers .... they weren't on the list but it's saving time ordering both at once isn't it????
and the pictures? these are thank you cards that I put in with the parcels I send out. I chopped up lots of card into 6x4" pieces (don't they fit nicely into the fabric box I made ages ago? if only I'd planned it I'd be a genius....) and the paper flowers are from my friend Nia and they get stuck on the front, after I've written a nice message on the card.
The plan is to have a whole load of nice goodies to stick on these cards....it's on the list!!


Blooming Felt said...

WOW - I'm gonna buy something just so that I can get one of those lovely paper flowers !!!

Well done on the cupcake order - it's FAB !!

Sarah x

Claire P said...

YAY! i got my order (with the lovely thank you card) today! Thanks for the super speedy delivery, as always! And Well done on finishing off all of those bloomin cupcakes! I'd be sick of cupcakes after about 10. hehe!

I'm off to make something felty now! x

Crafty B said...

Congrats on the completion of your order - you deserve a bit of cupcake down time!
Love the paper flowers and your little moo cards - have two displayed in front of me now! So cute x

Ana said...

I've just found out your blog and I'm loving it already.
It's amazing the amount of cupcakes you've done... they are so cute...

mollycupcakes said...

Good luck with the list hun.
Owww I've just got my moo cards, they are so cool, I'm just waiting for the stickers now.

Wow all the cupcakes on the other post look like they are ready to invade lol
Well done for finishing them all.


Catherine x

Nia said...

Hey Honey. Thanks so much for the felt package- can't wait to start snipping n sewing! x

Working Mom Knits said...

Well, if it is on The List; it WILL be done.

(At least that's what I keep telling myself.)

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

Hehehe ... I've got one of those paper flowers on my "colour" board right in front of where I sit to sew :o)