Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Felt Project Update

In preparation for the launch of my New Felt Project today I have:
shut my eBay shop
shut my Etsy shop
shut my Folksy Shop
shut my Wholesale Shop...but don't panic, it's only temporary so I can keep check on things.
BIG NEWS: the website will also be closed from tomorrow lunch time (Friday 17th August 2012) for approx. 24 hours (could be faster, could be slower...sometimes website work takes longer than I think it will!)

oh, and I've planned a freebie extravaganza, you'll want to keep coming back for that, it's going to be good AmAzInG!!!
*photos are of my newly designed and printed Loyalty Card, thanks again to my Sister :-)


sew said...

Yikes, more excitement!
Whatever next?!
Will you have to stay up all night to complete your many tasks? :(

CherylG said...

Can't bear the waiting feel like a kid on Christmas eve!

Christine said...

All the best for all the work you have to do on the web.

Will be looking forward to seeing the next update :)

Anonymous said...

Blimey!! On hols - will have to make sure i have an internet connection everyday!!! Dont want to miss a thing!! sounds so exciting!! Well done to your sis for all the new designing.

picciolo said...

hope its going well sisterini!!!!
love you

Julia said...

Ooh, it all sounds interesting! Loving the look of your new packaging xx

Anonymous said...

So proud of you Sarah.
Hopefully when all of the work is done we can have a well deserved break.