Monday, August 27, 2012

And The Winners Are.....

Hooray it's winners time!
19 winners have been picked......and 19 winners means the longest blog post ever, please read through and see if your name & comment is listed as a winner...and then wait for an email from me with instructions on how to claim your prize :-)
(and I know that I sound bossy but this is getting complicated!!)

Freebie Extravaganza Part One:
Prize: set of 5 mini rolls - winner picks the colours
Number of Winners: 1
Winning Comment #:54
sarah said...oh this is so lovely! thanks for all the hard work you have done!!!

Freebie Extravaganza Part Two:
Prize:  6" rainbow
Number of Winners: 1
Winning Comment #: 56 
Fluffybunnyhead said... Whoops in the excitement got my email wrong it's eg*pl*nt1*7*@g*ail.c*m

Freebie Extravaganza Part Three:
Prize: Loyalty card kit - winner picks the colour
Number of Winners: 1
Winning Comment #: 37 
chrissie said...If I were lucky enough to win, I would love the Pastels pack... gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!
CHRISSIE I CAN NOT CONTACT YOU please email me mail{at}paper-and-string{dot}co{dot}uk
if I don't hear from you by Thursday I shall draw another winner

Freebie Extravaganza Part Four:
Prize: mini Christmas Kit - winner picks which kit
Number of Winners: 4
Winning Comment #: 40Mrs Pixie said...Oh it would definitely be the penguin for me! He is so cute :)
Winning Comment #: 39 
Anonymous said...The penguin or the reindeer, the penguin or the reindeer......I think I will go with the reindeer this time. Lovely kits as usual. pa*u*ar*yn*s*@ya**o.*s
Winning Comment #: 89
Anonymous said...i love the gingerbread man. it's lovely.iolanda. iol***nes@g***
Winning Comment #: 115
Almu said...My favourite one is the Gingerbread Man!! :D

Freebie Extravaganza Part Five:
Prize:  mini Christmas Kit - winner picks which kit
Number of Winners: 4
Winning Comment #: 20 
Anonymous said...Hi.My favourite is definitely the robin, very cute. P*ula_a****d@ho**
Winning Comment #: 4 
The Krafty Cupcake said...I would love to win the Father Christmas Kit. Sue x
Winning Comment #: 53 
Manu said...I LOVE your Pom Pom Snowman!!! =^__^=Thanks!!!Manu
Winning Comment #: 5
Jessica said... I think your Christmas pudding is the cutest but it is very difficult to choose between them - so much felt Christmas goodness :-)

Freebie Extravaganza Part Six:
Prize: swatch in a box
Number of Winners: 1
Winning Comment #: 31
Sally said...Flipping heck - I have only just bought one of your old swatches.......... :-) Like that this one comes in a box. w***o@dav**sally.c*.uk

Freebie Extravaganza Part Seven:
Prize:  ready-made Christmas decoration - winner picks design
Number of Winners: 3
Winning Comment #: 30 
aminah said...I love to see your handstitch and I choose to see a surprise prize! :) cahaya(dot)nor(at)gmail(dot)com
Winning Comment #: 20 
Pickle Lily said...Surprise, surprise please! Have a good week-end. Jo x
Winning Comment #: 46
Rachel Hey said... I love all of them! SUPRISE ME!! :)

Freebie Extravaganza Part Eight:
Prize: Garland Kits
Number of Winners: 2
Winning Comment #: 3 
Glamorgan Glamping said...Wow! They are lovely! I would love one!!
Winning Comment #: 78 
Anna Cleridou said...Love them both!!  annacleridou(at)yahoo(dot)com

Freebie Extravaganza Part Nine:
Prize: Win your Wish List (upto £20)
Number of Winners:  2
Winning Comment #: 54 
Mandy said...Such a fabulous 9 days of sharing Sarah. It has been such fun. I have added the Cupcakes Sew your own Kit to my wishlist.
Winning Comment #: 9 
Louise B said...Filled my wish list up. So many lovely colours, didn't want to stop. Thanks for the chance to win.

phew-ee, what a long list!
I shall start to email you all now...CONGRATULATIONS everyone!


Jessie May said...

This has been fun!! Big congrats to the freebie winners :)

Anonymous said...

ok, so I have to start my shopping ... :)

The Bell's Have Moved! said...

Yay! I won! So thrilled. That will be my project when my little one starts school! Yippee! Thank you so much!

Manu said...

Yuppidooooo!!! I'm so happy!!! =^__^=
Thank you very much Sarah!!!


sew said...

Congrats to the lucky people and Boo-hoo too :(

Света Архипова said...

Thanks for chance!

Unknown said...

Yes I won!! thank you so much. Congratulations to everyone else too. Sue x

Estelle Grace Tudor said...

Well done to all the winners! What a fun extravaganza :) xx

cher8 said...

Congrats to the lucky winners, off to buy my wish list now, have no will power when tiny buttons are concerned!

Louise B said...

Yay I won. Thanks so much.

azteclady said...

Congratulations to all the lucky winners!

Maria - A Playful Stitch said...

So jealous of the lucky winners! Congratulations to them all!
Maria x

Ann said...

That was an awful lot of work for you to organise and it is much appreciated - even though I wasn't a winner!

Giorgia Rossini said...

congrats everyone!

quiltdude said...

Wowee! well done everyone, lots of happy felty goodness all around x

Jessica said...

Thanks so much for such a great giveaway - I've loved everything you've offered and I'm so very delighted to have won my own Christmas tree decoration kit, it looks great fun :-)

Anonymous said...

well done to all the winners - you lucky lucky people!! thanks for all the chances sarah you must be pooped!All your new bits are fab - i've started writing my b'day and xmas lists....