Saturday, August 18, 2012

My New Felt Project is finished!

after a crazy amount of hours sat in front of the computer I am Amzagingly excited to finally spill the beans about my New Felt Project.....
....this, my lovely customers, is my new range of felt!  Just look at those colours!!
When I started selling felt about 6 years ago the felt I chose to sell was hard to find, it was a new product that no one had used very much and it was really good quality combined with value for money...over the years the amount of felt sellers has increased (a lot!) and so has the price of felt...a while back I did a deal with my supplier to be able to offer the same low prices by ordering in large quantities...but I needed something new.....
 And after 11 months of searching, planning, having meetings and sending a billion emails I finally found it!
This is Premium Wool Blend Felt.  It is 40% wool & 60% Viscose....Not only has it got 10% more wool than my original felt, it's also softer, stronger and MUCH better quality.  It's still a natural product and there will always be slight differences in weight per colour BUT Premium Wool Blend Felt is much more consistent, and the colours...they are amazing!...and the best bit?  The prices have stayed exactly the same!  Better Felt & Better Colours all for the exact same price....can you tell why I'm so excited!
 The manufacturer is dyeing my felt to order .... it took me FoReVeR to finalise my 45 colours....some of the original colours have been bid a fond farewell....some have been reproduced because I love them, and there are NEW colours too!
I *think* my favourite new colour is *Sea Green*....
 ...but it could also be *dark thistle*.....
 ...I am rather fickle!
 All the same felt sizes are still available....the ever popular Mini Rolls are cut and rolled....
 12" and 24" squares are available individually like before
 and there are new colour packs too...10x colours in different sizes
the rainbows are all cut and stacked ...and now come in 4 sizes: 4", 6", 9" and 12"
Yay! The Fantastic New Felt has Landed!!
oh and the original felt?  that's all been popped in the sale section with 10% off, and once it's gone it is gone for good!
In other paper-and-string news I have also added all my new Christmas Mini Kits to the website, updated the free craft kit & loyalty card offering AND added two new BIG Christmas kits too!
The Freebie Extravaganza starts's the deal:  every day I shall blog about a different new item/range in detail...if you like it and would like to win it, you leave a comment on that blog post...and on Bank Holiday Monday (27th August 2012) I will draw all the winners.
How exciting is that?
9 days , 9 chances to be a winner.... you can enter all 9 freebies if you like!
Today's freebie is for a set of 5 Mini Rolls.....To enter leave a comment and list your favourite 5 colours in your comment, and if your comment is the winning comment that's the colours you will receive!
One entry per person
Your comment must contain your list of 5 felt colours
I MUST be able to contact you via your comment
I will post worldwide
Number of Winners to be announced:  1
See you tomorrow for The Freebie Extravaganza: Part 2


Unknown said...

I would love to win this!! Fab colours. No doubt I will 'need' to buy some. Sue x

Louise B said...

Lovely colours. My 5 colours are teal, sea green, turquoise, coral and dark thistle. Thanks for the chance to win.

Wise Owl said...

OMG what have you done???? Seriously, my heart is beating so fast! Congratulations! My 5 colors are bright pink, lilac, sea green, coral and lemon! Contact me at

sew said...

Choosing 5 colours is a job in itself but a decision is needed.
fuchsia,dark thistle,lilac, plum & rose are my current favourites.

Michelle said...

Utterly gorgeous! My favorite five are chartreuse, brilliant blue, purple, coral and mustard. Beautiful!

quiltercaroline said...

Congratulations on the new line - it looks amazing. I think my favourites are Burgundy, Dark thistle, Cornflower, Mint and Raspberry. Hard choice though! Thank you

Katy said...

Well done! It all looks amazing :)

My favourites are: blush, cornflower, mauve, raspberry and pale mint!

Anne-Marie said...

Oh yum! Dark thistle, plum, coral, rose and green....sizzle! All look absolutely gorgeous...well done!


Hello I love and envy you and your work. You are like living my dream:) and now my favourite colours are lemon,mint,navy,fawn,grey. I am from turkey istanbul. You said thisnis international,right? Waiting for good news. Love from istanbul. Asli (

C said...

Beautiful felt! My color choices are russet, thistle, lemon, lilac and moss. I forsee a purchase from you in the near future regardless of whether I win this freebie.

Jessie May said...

This is exciting news! I have never come across (and I'm sure you know this!) felt as good quality as what you have been selling - and now it's even better!! Such lovely colours, hard to choose, but my faves are moss, ice blue, dark thistle, chartreuse and lemon. Thanks for a chance to win.

Anonymous said...

^_^ WOW !
I'm willing to try it!


quiltdude said...

oooh how exciting. another reason to spend more money before school returns .
5 favourites....brilliant blue, turquoise, thistle, sea green and fuschia.
But love them all really x

Anonymous said...

Ow wow count me in!


monica said...

Me gustan todos, es super dificil decidrime pero lo haré. elijo: turquoise, mint, lilac, chartreuse and fuschia

monica said...

Me encantan todos los colores, me es super dificil decidirme pero he elejido el turquoise, lilac, mint, fuschia y chartreuse

Anonymous said...

Wow, you have been busy. I have spent the afternoon finally taking over the spare bedroom to make a sewing room- have caused chaos in the rest of the house and I fear my children and husband think they may be next to be tidied. Still have made room for more kit - favourite colours are cornflower, fushia, dark thistle, plum and turquoise.

Thanks for chance.

Pickle Lily said...

Wow - how lovely!!!! Took me awhile to chose, but - teal, sea green, lemon, chartreuse and brilliant blue! Jo x

ChinaCatSunflower said...

Beautiful colors for beautiful creations!
My colors are apple, sea green, moss, ice blue, galaxy.
My email is

Thank you! :O)

Os Pitinhos said...

What an amazing freebie.
My colors: rose, blue, mint, lilac and sea green.
contact me martabaunilha(at)gmail(dot)com

kisses from Portugal

Yasmin said...

Such a beautiful collection of colours. Thank you for the chance to win. My favorites are dark thistle , plum, cornflower , sea green, teal .

Yasmin said...

Such a beautiful collection of colours. Thank you for the chance to win. My favorites are dark thistle , plum, cornflower , sea green, teal .

Anonymous said...

It's hard to choose!! Here's my fav colours : Dark thistle, turquoise, fuschia, brilliant blue,rose


pembemavi said...


this is Cagla from Turkey. I like all the goods you are selling; ribbons, buttons and of course felts. These are my favourite colours: sea green, teal,rose, apple and pink. You can contact me at:
Thanks for giving a chance...
best wishes


Taelia88 said...

Wow!! You have a really great gift for us!! I love the colours you got! And i totally love all your little felt creations!! The colours i like a lot are Dark thistle, fuschia, plum, lilac and mauve!! Yup! Purple fun!! haha!

Lisa Davis said...
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Lisa Davis said...

My colors would be dark thistle, sea green, brilliant blue, and fuchsia. I have really enjoyed your journey with your business and I wish you much success!

Unknown said...

I would love to win! My favorites are: plum, purple, thistle, bright pink and coral!

Michele T said...

Awesome giveaway!!! These are my favorite colours: dark thistle, ice blue, lilac, plum and seagreen!!

Kaliandra said...

OMG!!!!! I already have plans for the felt if I win!!!!! They're awesome!!! TY for this freebie!!! My favorites are: mint, pale mint, turquoise, teal and coral!!!!
My e-mail is :

Zethan said...

OMG how exciting!!!
my 5 Colors would be

Anonymous said...

The new felt looks so fluffy!

My favorite colors are:

dark thistle.

Julia said...

Ooh, the new colours look fab! I'm sure I will be ordering some soon. My fav colours are: dark thistle, cornflower, fuschia, teal and plum. Thanks for the chance of winning! xx

Julia said...
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Tomas said...

In some ways it is better to have 45 colours than 65, you still get a full range of colours, but don't have to make so much space for it all.

I like the bright colours: red, fuschia, dark thistle, teal, brilliant blue.
t_poortman at hotmail dot come

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Wow-ee some great colours.

After much consideration my favourite five are as follows: coral, pistachio, baby pink, sea green and lilac.

Phew, that was hard! They are all great colours.

Sara said...

Love the new range. Fab colours as always. Can't wait to get crafting again. My five fave colours are: Teal, sea green, fuchsia, coral and chartreuse. Not an easy choice by any means.
Sara x

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!!! You have been busy! If lucky any cupcake colours would be great!thanks for fab freebies chances!!!!

Ann said...

What gorgeous felt colours. You've been working hard on this I can see. They are 'Lush'
My colour choice would be: white, teal, plum, purple and brilliant blue.
Thanks for the chance to win.

cher8 said...

Would love to win!
cheryl anne davies at hotmail dot com xx

Julia Sh said...

I would love to win this!
I like the colours: lilac, sea green, cornflower, brilliant blue and moss. My e-mail in my profile.

Gill said...

So hard to choose!!!
Dark Thistle

liniecat said...

Thankyou so much!.......Ooooh the sea green, turquoise, ice blue, pistachio and pale mint....are subtly pretty!

Anonymous said...

My little daughter and I just love working with felt. We buy our felt from you already, but would love thistle, lilac, lemon, rose and moss. I just love your freebies!
Kim Daltrey (

Anonymous said...

Hello! Loving the green selection - especially sea green, pistachio, emerald and apple, and also the dark thistle

ievinch said...

Would be soooo happy to get coral, fuchsia, cornflower, chartreuse and teal..Or any other, because they all are so beautiful..

Almu said...

Super new felt :D

Anonymous said...

My fave colours are sea green, apple, baby pink, brilliant blue and fushia! my email:
Thanks for the chance to win! xxx

Anonymous said...

first of all let me thank you for this chance to win some amazing freebies! i like all the colours but my favourite have to be ice blue, pale mint, cornflower, pink and turquoise... thanks again! :) oh yeah, and my email is

Penelope said...

ea green, turquoise, ice blue, pistachio and pale mint would definitely be my favourites. *fingers crossed* :)

Unknown said...

Brilliant giveaway. My favorites are: dark thistle, plum, russet, mustard and charcoal. My email is:

Thanks for the giveaway.

Kate O'Neill said...

Awesome giveaway - my colours are teal, sea green, dark thistle,plum and emerald


Emma, Sweet Williams said...

WOW!!! All looks amazing. You work so hard. I would love to be in with a chance of winning. My 5 fave colours are chartreuse, coral, fuschia, lemon and sea green xx

Luciana F. Damiano said...

Beautiful colors.
My favorite colors are;
sea ​​green, fushia, pistachio, mint pale, pale mint.
Thank you.

Amanda said...

Decisions Decisions! I haven't worked with anything other than the felt you can get at hobby stores, so working with something different would be amazing! I'm going to have to take a look at your etsy shop, and see what I can find! Kinda hard choosing five different colors, but I'm in a "candy corn" sorta mood right now, so I would have to say I would love your natural, lemon, yellow, mustard, and orange colors. They do look yummy enough to eat!

Amanda said...

oh! and my email is savedbygracedesigns @ gmail . com, just remove the spaces. Thanks!

sarah said...

oh this is so lovely! thanks for all the hard work you have done!!!

Florencia Luciano said...

The new colors are gorgeou!!! My favorites are sea green, dark thistle, light yellow, orange and coral.

Fluffybunnyhead said...

Wow! Loving your excitement about your new felt, I can't wait until I need some more from you. As they're my favourite of your colours I will be purchasing;
-Ice Blue
-Baby Pink

Kay said...

New colours, new fun! Thank you for the fab giveaway. I think that my favourite colours are coral, sea green, teal, turquoise, and plum.

Fluffybunnyhead said...

Wow! Loving your excitement about your new felt! Can't wait until I need some more from you. As they are my favourite of your colours I will be purchasing;
- Pistachio
- Ice Blue
- Mauve
- Baby Pink
- Lemon

Sweetcrafts said...

My colors are fuschia,lilac,rose,natural and dark thistle.Thank you Sarah!

Anonymous said...

WOW! How lucky you are to work with such amazing colours! Count me in!

Unknown said...

Ohhh So hard to choose, but I think I'd go for:

Brilliant Blue
Sea Green
Dark Thistle

Thanks, Simmi :-)

jollyqueen said...

Oh, what lovely new colours! And my 5 favourites are : sea green, lemon, dark thistle, lilac & biscuit. Thanks for the chance to win :-)

Dazie said...

Just catching up saw blog update number 2 and neeeeded to see what blog post number 1 as all about and I love the mini roll idea!

Thanks for the chance to win!

Estelle Grace Tudor said...

Love this! My faves are: Sea Green, Coral, Rose, Pale Mint, Ice Blue.

Thanks for the chance to win, Estelle x

Anonymous said...

You can never have too much felt!
chartreuse, plum, dark thistle, teal and charcol for me!


Mandy said...

Loving all the new 5 favourites have to be mint, sea green, teal, turquoise and white.

craftymummy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ale said...

Lovely colours. Blue is my favorite. Tks for the chance to participate.

twolittleflowers said...

Hmmmm...I'f go with:
sea green
mustard and

thanks, keri
keri (at) twolittleflowers (dot) com

Shelley said...

How can it only be Five favourite colours? I love them all!!
I think to match todays mood I'd have to pick:
Dark Thistle

Fabulous give away :) x

Stevie said...

What a wonderful giveaway,thank you for the chance! If I won I would choose red, white, turquoise, fawn, and galaxy.

Anonymous said...

Im so excited for this competition!

My choices are

-Bright Pink
-Sea Green



chrissie said...

wonderful colours. My favs are: dark thistle, biscuit, fuschia, lilac and mauve. Thanks for the chance of winning!

Leah said...

Hmmm, that's tough...I'll go with brilliant blue, chartreuse, thistle, plum and charcoal. :)

leahthezombie at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Wow!! my favourites are Thistle, Coral, Teal, Rose and Sea green xx staceycatlin at hotmail dot com

Dawnart said...

Cute ,mini rolls!
My colours:
brilliant blue
sea green


Ikasaharman said...

im from malaysia
i would like to have
sea green, dark thistle, mauve, raspberry and pale mint!

marta said...

gorgeous this freebie!
I would win these colours (I need for Xmas!) : red, white , blue , dark green, light green
thank you, marta

craftymummy said...

Ooooh, look at all those yummy colours!! My faves are chartreuse, dark thistle, lilac, mustard & sea green. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, all the colours look lovely, I can't wait to try them the quality looks great. Hard choice but my favourite colours would be:

White - Blush - Pistachio - Yellow - Grey.

Mea :)

yorkshiremix [at] aol [dot] com

Jeanine The Crafting Fiend said...

my 5 favourite colours are:

Jeanine The Crafting Fiend said...

oops. blame that last one on preggo brain... forgot to say my 5 favourites. lol
bright pink
2nd purple from the top on your swatch card
middle bright green

Cik Puan Nurul said...

my favourite colours are sea green,dark thistle ,lilac,coral,blue ..thanks

Manu said...

I LOVE your "rainbow"!!! =^__^=
My favourite colours are
Brilliant blue
Sea Green


Eliana said...

My favourite colours are purple,lilac,pink,sea green and turquoise.


Imogen said...

It has to be baby pink, ice blue, pale mint, pink and lilac. I just love pastels!


Choccy said...

Hope to win this freebies :)
My favourite color are lemon, fawn, fuschia, apple and pale mint

Sam said...

All lovely colours, hard to choose! My favourites are Brilliant Blue, Fushia, Sea Green, Teal and Turquoise.

Thank you

Ciacchina said...

Che colori meravigliosi! A settembre, al rientro dalle vacanze, dovrò fare un po' di acquisti ;)
I colori che preferisco sono:
Dark thistle
Ice blue

Sofia said...

the colors are all beautiful ... if they win I would love the pastel colors

Glenys said...

Ohhh! I would pick Sea Green, Apple, Dark Thistle, Bright Pink and Orange.

Rustyhammer said...

Oh lush, 40% wool. Think my 5 colours would be baby pink, charcoal, cornflower, ice blue and lilac. Guess I need a new colour chart now

Teasel said...

, apple, cornflower! Rose, fuchsia, teal

xoaniña said...

Only 5!! I Love all...
Coral, dark thistle, Lilac, lemon, turquoise

Thanks for the chance.

minamisensei said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
minamisensei said...

love this love this love this...
all colours are beautiful

Betta said...

My colors are apple, sea green, moss, ice blue, galaxy.

Jenny said...

I love them all! But if I HAVE to choose 5 I'd say Cornflower, Sea Green, Russet, Rose & White.

amanda21xo said...

So hard to choose!! I think sea green, hot pink, royal blue, grey and white would be my choices.

Anonymous said...

It's hard for me to choose but i really love Burgundy, Dark thistle, Cornflower, Mint and Raspberry

teacakemake said...

Oh, how gorgeous!
My favourite five colours are sea green, coral, biscuit, baby pink, and bourneville :)
Thanks so much for this opportunity!

MummyCat said...

I love all the colours- You choose! I love the turqouises, thistles, cornflower blues and those dusty pinks- It reminds me of my honeymoon in Scotland.

Jessica said...

Oooh - so many pretty colours, I would love to take the rose, turquiose, teal, cornflower blue, and brilliant blue off your hands. I'm really loving all the wonderful giveaways :-)

Yorkshire Quilter said...

So hard to choose only five of my favourite colours, but I think they'd have to be blush, red, teal, fawn and fucsia!

Buneez said...

omg too many to choose from!, but if pushed lol my current faves are teal, brilliant blue, turquoise, sea green and a pop of fuschia :) Thanks muchly

Pene said...

Oh hard choice but I think
Dark thistle
Thanks for this chance

Jannie said...

COLOURS: orange, fuschia, coral, brilliant blue and chartreuse

Thank you!!


Anonymous said...

Hello Sarah, my favorite colors of felt are: moss, mint, turquoise, sea green and ice blue

Ilse said...

It was so difficult to choose just 5... but I'd love to win some pastels

Mandy said...

Wow, what a fantastic prize! So difficult to choose just 5 colours, I think my favourites would have to be dark thistle, lilac, rose, sea green, teal or ice blue.
Mandy (