Monday, August 13, 2012

In no particular order, this weekend I...

  • Decided I simply must watch as much Olympic goodness as I could
  • Baked Cheese Straws 
  •  Plonked myself on the sofa and watched and worked** and cried and cheered.
  • Spent time with friends in the pub Garden
  • Felt so proud of our amazing country and all the amazing people in it
  • Chatted on the phone with my lovely family
  • Positively revelled in the Olympic Team GB feel good factor*
* I also spent time wondering why we were introduced to Prince HENRY at the closing ceremony, I had imbibed some celebratory wine and wondered if I was going loopy.  Good Old Wikipedia helped me out, and taught me something new!
**work that I finished:  
600 little bags with pom poms and things in for a new kit.
100 little bags with star buttons and things in for another new kit
500 other little bags with jingle bells and things in for a different new kit
1500 pieces of ribbon measured and cut for other kits!

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timeshare get out said...

Everybody gets hooked to this Olympic event. Me and my family also watch the whole event and that is very exciting. It is good idea that were doing something like these project while watching.