Monday, August 02, 2010

parcels received

such an exciting start to the next two days!!
(i have 2 days off the day job) and the best thing? this is only half of what I ordered so there's even more to come!


Cathy Hutton said...

It's very exciting to parcels in boxes those sizes! I think I am living vicariously through you....I want to know what's in them!!!!

Have fun opening and sorting through them!

ClaireP said...

Ooooo! Felt? buttons? ribbon?.....I'm so jealous!
*wants a big box of buttons to sit and play in*

Anonymous said...

Look at that!!! Even your rug looks like a rainbow felt stash!!It's just like the game - "Open the Box", what's in there????!! Can't be more ribbon-there are towers of that already behind the boxes!Will never guess right, so just get it unpacked - pleeeeease!

Charlotte said...

Fab! I bet it's great being you and opening boxes and boxes of felt and ribbon-i-ness!

fanny said...

I want to be YOU !!
Are there more new things for us to buy ???

Lucy said... up, open up...I NEED to see what is inside :D
L x

amieggs said...

I adore the excitement of recieving a box... and almost beg the postman to bring me something when he rings the building bell every day!!!!

paper said...

It will surely make you so busy during the next days.. I wish I were like you. So creative.