Wednesday, August 04, 2010

another parcel !!

...and this time it's not one that I ordered!

this one is from my very best bloggy friend, Emma

you may know her better as Bagladee
(and if you don't the you must pay her a visit, she's a marvellous bag maker)

and from now on can I be be called Doughnut Ladee ?? haha!!
Thanks Emma, I LOVE it!!
It's freebie day tomorrow...don't forget to come back and find out all about it!


Thimble & Bobbin said...

I have that same doughnut, does it have dolly mixtures inside?

trash said...

Ooer! That does look very real doesn't it? All glossy and shiny and glazed.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely bloggy friend!Does look do real!!
Looking forward to tomorrows freebie day -//(*_*)\\

amieggs said...

that is so cute!!!! I love receiving surprise parcels =D

greyparrot said...

How lovely :) What is inside? The curiosity is killing me lol!
I am lucky enough to have one of Emma's bags, and I use it ALL the time!